Magic And Light – Chapter II



Chapter I – A Gathering Of Friends

CHAPTER II – Making Characters

Mike has a completely blank look on his face.

“Dungeons and Dragons?” speaks Barry.

“Oh, come on,” responds Johnny’s older sister Stacy, who stands as though she’s going to leave.

“Sis, just sit, ok,” with this Stacy reluctantly sits back down.

“Come on guys, look at this great spread Johnny threw for you,” Trevor proclaims, whilst gesturing to burritos, cheese puffs and Grape Crush soda on the long coffee table before them.

“Give it at least a chance,” Trevor finishes.

“Spoken like a true best friend,” I (Connor) say under my breath.

“I’ve always wanted to try it, I’m totally in!” Barry says enthusiastically.

“I’ve played some A D & D (Advanced Dungeons And Dragons) several years ago… But I know nothing about the 5th Edition,” I reply.

“You don’t need to Connor… This will be my first time being a Dungeon Master, we’ll all be learning together,” replies Johnny.

“I mean…” Mike starts to speak.

“…I’m new to this school… Doesn’t playing D & D get you beaten up?” continues Mike.

Johnny smiles, “No man… Not anymore.”

“Why in the world would you think that I would be interested in this?” questions Stacy.

“You’re a Fantasy Writer, aren’t you?” replies Johnny.

“Well… Yeah… I guess,” she hesitantly replies.

“You guess?! I’ve read your posts, you’re awesome,” interjects Trevor.

“Come on guys, give it a shot, Johnny has something really cool planned for us,” Trevor continues.

With this the room goes silent for several moments.

Meanwhile Barry has already grabbed one of the 5 notebooks on the table, and begins drawing a character.

“Alright,” I speak up.

“I guess… This one time,” adds Stacy.

That leaves Mike who looks in utter shock.

“I mean… I guess,” he finally responds.

“GREAT!” Johnny exclaims and begins handing out the rest of the Players a notebook, pencils and pens.

He then opens a small wooden chest from behind his Dungeon Master screen, and pulls out a set of dice for each of them.

“Time to roll up characters!” Johnny says with a ‘heh heh heh’ smile on his face.

PICTURE CREDIT – Choose Your Path

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