Magic And Light



by DarkJade

JOHNNY had invited a bunch of us over, but I’m not sure why.

Johnny’s best friend is TREVOR, so I know he’ll be there.

STACY, Johnny’s sister, will be there.

My name is CONNOR, I’ll be there…

…that’s four.

But he said 6 will be there.

MIKE, a new guy in the school.

Oh, and BARRY, the loud one of the group.

When I arrive, Johnny leads me to his living room where a giant bowl of cheese puffs fills an olive green bowl.

Trevor is there, but pays me no notice as he writes some stuff down on a piece of paper.

I notice he has a pouch with dice spilling out of it next to him.

Maybe Johnny is planning some sort of RPG game.

Mike, the new guy, arrives… he seems nervous, but Johnny gets him a drink and does his best to put him at ease.

Stacy comes in, looking as cute as ever, she’s a couple years older than Johnny.

Barry arrives, no one can miss that.

That’s 6.

Johnny brings a bowl of ice in with some Grape Crush in a 2 liter bottle.

“Trevor, can you grab the burritos…” requests Johnny.

Trevor reluctantly jumps up, and brings in a large platter of open faced bean burritos, and Johnny brings in a tray with all the burrito fixings.

Cheese, tomatoes, picante, lettuce etc.

“So what’s going on Johnny? Why are you feeding all of us…” questions Bobby.

“Just hold on, go ahead and eat everyone…” Johnny replies.

So we all dig in, some of us more than others, Mike barely touches anything.

20 or so minutes later, as we finish up, Johnny leaves the room, and comes back in wearing a dark blue cape.

He sits at one of the ends of the long coffee table, and lifts up a Dungeon Master Screen, which has a dragon drawn on it…

…it’s maybe a foot or so tall, and designed to keep the rest of us from seeing what’s behind it.

Johnny then holds up two DUNGEONS & DRAGONS 5e books, “Welcome to Dungeons & Dragons!”



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