Magic And Light – Chapter III



by DarkJade

Chapter I – A Gathering Of Friends

Chapter II – Making Characters

CHAPTER III – Choose Your Class

“So what do we do?” I questioned.

“Open up your notebooks… First thing we’re going to do is roll your Stats,” explains Johnny.

“Stats?” replies Mike.

“Like our Strength, Intelligence, Dexterity Etc… You’ll see… I’ll explain as we go.”

Johnny suddenly places a pile of 6 Sided Dice in the middle of the coffee table.

“Roll four 6 Sided Dice, 6 times, each time take the three best #’s, add them up, then write them down,” explains Johnny.

“Like this,” Trevor says, then grabs and rolls four 6 Sided Dice.

“I rolled a 6, 1, 1 and a 2… If I take the best three and add them up, it equals 9… Which basically sucks, ha!”continues Trevor.

“I write down 9, it’s my fist Stat roll… Now I do that 5 more times…” Trevor starts to roll some more times,”These are my 6 stat scores.”

Trevor writes down 9, 13, 9, 17, 11 and 15.

“The first number is my Strength, the second my Intelligence, 3rd Wisdom, 4th Dexterity, 5th Constitution and 6th is my Charisma,” he explains.

Mike looks totally confused.

“Here Mike, I’ll help you,” Stacy says, then writes down the #’s as Mike rolls them.

“Once you have your 6 Stat Scores, we’re going to make some adjustments,” explains Johnny.

“So we should have written in pencil,” Stacy says with an annoyed tone.

“Nah, once we have the final #’s, we’ll put them on actual Character Sheets…”

…with this Johnny hands each of them Character Sheets.

Mike looks overwhelmed.

“I got your back Mike,” I tell Mike, to try and put him at ease.

Once everyone has rolled and written down their #’s, Johnny continues.

“Ok, now you have the option to reroll your lowest Stat,” explained Johnny.

“Except your Charisma, leave that as it is,” he continues.

“But before you do that let me look at your scores…” with this he looks over Stacy’s scores.

“A lot of Strength, and everything else is decent, you rolled well,” with this Stacy tries not to smile with pride.

“Strength is important for Fighters, Barbarians and Paladins… I’m going to play a Paladin, so you might consider playing a Fighter or Barbarian…” explains Johnny.

“Wait, you’re going to play a Character?” questions Barry.

“Yeah, but he won’t make any of the important group decisions, I’ll leave that to your Characters…” Johnny replies.

“Because most of you are new to Dungeons & Dragons, and or Roleplaying, I thought it might be helpful for me to have a Character with the group… Plus, I love playing Characters…”

After Johnny looks over all of their Characters, Trevor decides to play an Elven Ranger because he has High Dexterity, Barry creates a Drow (Dark Elf) Bard, because of his high Charisma, Mike creates a Cleric (Human) because of his high Wisdom, and Stacy decides to make a Dragonborn Fighter.

I was going to go with a Rogue because I have decent Dexterity, but we realized we didn’t have any Warlocks, Sorcerers or Wizards, so I switched to creating a Tiefling Wizard, my Intelligence was pretty good, which is their main Stat.

And Johnny’s Paladin is a Half Orc.

“So are we done making Characters?” asks Barry.

“Nope, there’s more work to be done,” replies Johnny.


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