Magic And Light – Chapter IV



by DarkJade

Chapter I – A Gathering Of Friends

Chapter II – Making Characters

Chapter III – Choose Your Class

CHAPTER IV – Character Introductions (Stigus)

Here’s a look at Stacy’s Character;

STIGUS (Dragonborn) Fighter

Eyes: Green Age: 20 Weight 230 Height 6′ Skin/Scales: Blue

Strength: 18 Intelligence: 13 Dexterity: 14 Wisdom: 13 Constitution: 13 Charisma: 15

Hit Points: 11 Armour Class: 13

Alignment: Chaotic/Good

Stigus has the ability to Breath a 5′ x 30′ line of lightning each time she rests.

Her Languages are COMMON (Human), DRACONIC (Dragon) and ELVISH.

She is Proficient in all Armour, Shields, Simple and Martial Weapons.

Born in the land of KRIEG, North of the Dragonborn ran Port of Oto’Ra, Stigus was a Hunter in her clan.

As an Adventurer, she has taken on the trade of Fighter.

She is an Elite Archer, but can also wield a Great Sword quite well.

Some might call Krieg a large island, but the natives do not.

Though they do acknowledge it as being part of the Continent Galdur, they also consider themselves independent of any laws there.

Though in Galdur, there are many Regions that are uncharged, and/or lawless.

This suits the people of Krieg just fine.

Due to Stigus’s Archer tendencies, she has chosen to wear Leather Armour, as opposed to Chainmale, which is more cumbersome.

She likes to be light on her feet, though as a Dragonborn, that might sound strange…

…in Stigus’s case, it is not.

She also has a Long Bow (And Arrows), 2 Handaxes, a Great Sword (Her Father’s) and a hand held Crossbow.

She is not rich, but has enough gold to carry her for a while.


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