Magic And Light – Chapter V



by DarkJade

Chapter I – A Gathering Of Friends

Chapter II – Making Characters

Chapter III – Choose Your Class

Chapter IV – Character Introductions (Stigus)

CHAPTER V – Character Introductions (Chi (Red))

Onto Trevor’s Character;

CHI (Red) Elven Ranger

Eyes: Violet Skin: Bluish White Hair: Bright Red Weight: 130 Height: 5’10” Age: 95

Strength: 14 Intelligence: 14 Wisdom: 9 Dexterity: 19 Constitution: 11 Charisma: 15

Hit Points: 10 Armour Class: 16

Alignment: Chaotic/Good

Chi (Nicknamed Red, due to his hair) is a Moon Elf from the Northern territory of SPEAR TORN, a High Elf forest in the land of Galdur.

Inherently as a Moon Elf, Chi has Darkvision, which allows him to see 60′ in the dark.

He also has Keen Senses, which make him very Perceptive, and a Fey Ancestry, which makes him resistant to Charm spells, as well as unable to be put asleep by the means of Magic.

Being an Elf, unlike Humans and other Humanoids, he is able to get a full nights sleep by going into a Meditative Trance for 4 hours, as opposed to sleeping for 8.

Also being Inherently Magical, he has the ability to Cast a CHILL TOUCH Spell, which causes damage to his enemy, as well as temporarily causing them to be unable to heal.

Though many of the High Elves in Speahr Torn think of other beings as being ‘below’ them in stature, Chi does not.

He has prepared all his life for the life of an Adventurer, and longs to bring his many skills to the table of any worth while group.

Being a Ranger by Trade, he favors himself a hell of an Archer and Swordsman alike.

His Tracking Skills are quite good, especially when tracking Orcs or Gnolls, his specialty.

Though he proudly wears White Scale Armour from a slane beast, he also carries Black Leather Armour for more Stealthy occasions.

Chi is particularly proud of being able to speak 7 Languages, and hopes it will serve his Party well.

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