Magic And Light – Chapter X



by DarkJade

Chapter I – A Gathering Of Friends – Chapter II – Making Characters – Chapter III – Choose Your Class – Chapter IV – Character Introductions (Stigus) – Chapter V – Character Introductions (Chi (Red)) – Chapter VI – Character Introductions (Ren) – CHAPTER VII – Character Introductions (Kinner) – Chapter VIII – Character Introductions (Zhan) –  Chapter IX – Final Character Introduction (Tor-Atimus)

CHAPTER 10 – Beginnings

Four hours later, all of us had finished Rolling up, and Creating our Dungeons & Dragons Characters…

It had been a long, but satisfying afternoon.

“I want to thank all of you for taking your time to do this… I admit creating characters is one of my favorite parts of this game… I hope that you derived some enjoyment from some of it as well,” spoke our Dungeon Master Johnny eloquently for a 13 year old.

“Same time next week, I hope to see all of you there.”

And so we slowly gathered our stuff, and left…

…all save Johnny’s Sister, who lives there, and Trevor, Johnny’s best friend, who basically lives there as well.

Well, he doesn’t sleep there, lol

As the week went by, I found my mind wandering to the game, as anticipation of what possible Adventure Johnny had planned for us.

I admit, I was excited.

When at last the day finally came, I was the first to arrive at Johnny’s home.

Well, Trevor was already there, but he doesn’t count.

“Hey Connor, you made it!” spoke Johnny enthusiastically.

Trevor on the other hand, had his head to his notebook, and was drawing and making notes on his character.

Johnny had Doritos in the olive green bowl this week, as opposed to cheese puffs… I suppose he wanted to mix it up.

“We’re having sandwiches when everyone else gets here, I hope that’s ok…” spoke Johnny as he stepped out of the room, then returned with a bowl of ice for the drinks.

“You know you don’t have to keep feeding us Johnny, I’m sure it’s expensive,” I (Connor) spoke when he reentered the room carrying a Orange Crush Soda this time, and sat it on the long coffee table.

“Nah, not at all, I split the cost with my mom… It doesn’t cost all that much,” he replied.

And so I sat down in the spot at the coffee table I had sat the previous week, unzipped my backpack, and brought out my notebook, dice bag, pen and pencil.

I looked at my watch, but no one was late yet, I had arrived 10 minutes early.

Suddenly Barry came in, “Yo Yo Yo!” he spoke loudly, and so our loudest friend had arrived, “Did some more drawings of Kinner,” he spoke.

“Kinner?” I responded.

With this he held up several drawings of his Drow/Dark Elf Bard, Kinner.

“Yeah… My Drow Bard,” he continued, then found his seat, and poured himself a drink.

Johnny looked at his watch, “Welcome Barry.”

I looked at my watch as well, it was 2 minutes until starting time.

Usually there are ‘House Rules’, like ‘Showing Up On Time’… Or… ‘No Meta Playing’, which basically means no talking outside of Character unless needed during play, or using real life knowledge to influence the game.

Suddenly Stacy, Johnny’s Sister, came in, “I’ll be right down,” she spoke as she hurried upstairs talking on her cell phone as she went…

…she was… Dreamy.

That left only Mike…

…the new kid in school.

I noticed during the week he had made friends with some other people, so he probably won’t show up–

“Hello all!” suddenly came Mike’s voice as he entered the home, and sat down on the couch with a great smile.

“Hi Mike,” I replied.

“Mike, you made it!” Johnny enthusiastically proclaimed as he smacked palms with Mike in a high five.

I love how once people enter the D & D (Dungeons And Dragons) environment, everything seems to gel, and become almost sacred…

“Sandwiches incoming,” spoke Johnny who signaled Trevor to help him carry in the trays…

…Trevor sighed once more, then helped him.

There was sandwich meat, cheeses, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, mustard, everything you could want in a sandwich.

Suddenly Stacy ran downstairs, carrying her notebook, dice pencil and pen.

“Sorry about that bro,” sat down, and started to make a sandwich.

Soon we had all eaten, Johnny had put on his blue cape once more, and had his Dungeon Master Screen up, with all the Adventures Secrets hidden behind it.

“Our story begins in the Southern Port of JOR, in the land of Galdur…”


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