Magic And Light – Chapter XI



by DarkJade

Chapter I – A Gathering Of Friends – Chapter II – Making Characters – Chapter III – Choose Your Class – Chapter IV – Character Introductions (Stigus) – Chapter V – Character Introductions (Chi (Red)) – Chapter VI – Character Introductions (Ren) – CHAPTER VII – Character Introductions (Kinner) – Chapter VIII – Character Introductions (Zhan) –  Chapter IX – Final Character Introduction (Tor-Atimus) – Chapter X – Beginnings

CHAPTER XI – The Crimson Blade Tavern

“Before we continue, Mike, would you like to describe how your Character looks to the group, I’ll describe mine as well,” speaks Johnny.

“Uh… Yeah… Sure,” replies Mike.

“Ok, well, my Character is a Human Male in his lower 30’s… He’s 5’10” tall, and Weighs around 180… He’s in good shape.”

Stacy laughs slightly.

“Mike blushes, then continues… He’s got dark blue eyes, and blond hair to his shoulders… His skin is tan… He’s got a long dark blue cloak, and a Chainmail Shirt over a white blousy shirt. His pants are grey, and his boots are long and dark brown… On his back is a medium sized shield, dark blue, with white trim… And a large yellow sun in the middle… He has a mace on one side of his waist, and a hand axe on the other… His disposition is friendly… Oh, and he has a long, thick mustache…” Mike finishes. (Full Character Description Here)

“He sounds cool,” interjects Barry.

“Yeah…” I (Connor) agree.

“Thank you Mike… My turn,” speaks Johnny.

“My Character is a 6’4″, 250 pound Half Orc… He looks mean… He’s got black eyes, and green and black skin… He’s not that old, in his mid twenties in Orc years… He’s wearing a full suit of Chainmail, over a maroon long sleeve shirt, and black pans… Also black mid length boots… On his back is a Battle Axe, and a long shield. The shield is grey metal color, with a black dragon head on it,” Johnny finishes. (Full Character Description Here)

“Alright, so the two of you enter the CRIMSON BLADE TAVERN, the thriving, two story Tavern of the City of JOR.

“What do you do?” asks Johnny.

Zhan looks around a bit until he spies a large board where Job Listings, and Wanted Posters are nailed up.

He walks across the Tavern, drawing a bit of attention due to the determination of his stride, meanwhile Tor-Atimus approaches the bar, “Ale,” he speaks.

A pretty-ish, blond barmaid responds,”You got it big fellow…” she winks, then fetches the ale.

“Hmmf,” Tor- Atimus sighs.

Zahn then hammers a large poster on the board…







Tor-Atimus laughs slightly, and then receives his ale.

Zahn then makes his way to the bar, “Excuse me miss, who do I tell about my poster?”

The same blond barmaid points to an extremely friendly, grey and black, balding man some 25 feet down the bar.

He’s around 5’7″ tall, 135 pounds, and looks to be in is 50’s.

He also has a long silver black beard.

Zahn makes his way down the bar, “Excuse me sir, I’d just like to notify you that I’m Zahn,” and with this he gestures towards his poster, “Should any come asking.”

“Alright,” the man says with a smile.

“Also, my friend here,” he gestures towards Tor-Atimus, “And I, need two rooms… We’ll likely be in here, or in our rooms, should any come asking… Bother us at any time,” speaks Zahn.

“Grhumpf,” Tor-Atimus makes a sound.

“Rather, bother me any time, leave my friend alone if he’s sleeping,” Zahn says with a smile, and the man nods.

“The names JANOS,” speaks the man, “I own the place…”

“Good meeting you,” responds Zahn.

Tor-Atimus takes note of a black cloaked Elf who seems to be taking great interest in Zahn’s poster…

“Ohhhh,” suddenly that Elf pulls out his fiddle, and begins to sing…


“Barry, would you like to describe your Character,” speaks Johnny.

“You bet,” Barry starts to scramble through his drawings, “Here’s what he looks like,” he’s about to hold up one of his drawings, but pauses.

“Well, actually, let me describe him… He’s an Elf, maybe 5’9″ tall, 115 pounds, so he’s lean, and light… His eyes are blue, his hair is brown, and his skin pale… He’s 106 in Elven years, but looks to be in his early 20’s in human terms…”

“He’s wearing a long black cloak, and hood, with a red shirt, and bright blue pants… He has a lovely violin which he carries on his back… At his sides are two rapiers…” (Full Character Description Here)

“Thank you Barry, lets continue,” speaks Johnny.

“Oh two men came in, both chainmale made… One tall, dark and ominous, the other quite brave… They’re looking for men, woman or other… To take on some deeds, only known to each other,” sang the Elf…

…and as he did, everyone in the Tavern seemed captivated, and joyous.

At the end of the song, he approaches Zahn and Tor-Atimus, and bows.

“Good morrow sirs, I hope I find yee well,” he spoke in a most charming tone.

“Why… Yes… Tired from our travels, but quite inspired by your playing, and words,” replies Zahn who seemed quite delighted to meet the Elf.

“And you sir,” the Elf questioned Tor-Atimus, who unexpectedly, was also caught up in the Elf’s charm.

“Quite well, er, what was your name?” asked Tor-Atimus.

“Why my name is KINNER, Bard, and general Entertainer,” he spoke.

“A Bard… Well met… How good it would be to have you with us on our travels,” spoke Zahn.

“This is why I’m here… There’s only one thing I needs ask you,” spoke Kinner.

Suddenly his face transformed from pale skin Elf, to red eyed, black skin, grey haired, “I’m a Drow you see… And not all are comfortable with this,” he spoke, then his disguise returned, and he appeared as a pale skinned Elf once more.

Zahn smiled, “Well,” then looked over at Tor-Atimus.

“I’m a Half Orc… You’ll find no judgement from me,” spoke Tor-Atimus.

“Well then… There’s your answer,” spoke Zahn.

“Well then,” Kinner reached out to shake each of their hands at the same time,”We have a deal.”



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