Magic And Light – Chapter XVII



by DarkJade

Chapter I – A Gathering Of Friends – Chapter II – Making Characters – Chapter III – Choose Your Class – Chapter IV – Character Introductions (Stigus) – Chapter V – Character Introductions (Chi (Red)) – Chapter VI – Character Introductions (Ren) – CHAPTER VII – Character Introductions (Kinner) – Chapter VIII – Character Introductions (Zhan) –  Chapter IX – Final Character Introduction (Tor-Atimus) – Chapter X – Beginnings – Chapter XI – The Crimson Blade Tavern – Chapter XII – Waiting – Chapter XIII – North To Drudgek – Chapter XIV –  Session 3 – Chapter XV – Day 1 – Chapter XVI – Orcs


The 3rd and 4th day went without incident, but on the 5th day…

As the hills became Grasslands once more, as they entered the outskirts of Drudgek, a wagon of Gypsies headed their way from the North East.

Driving the wagon was a beautiful, dark haired Gypsy girl.

The wagon is brought to a halt.

Zahn is about to ride to the front when Tor-Atimus puts his hand on his shoulder… “Perhaps Kinner should speak to them…”

Zahn realizing that a Band of Gypsies probably doesn’t have much interest in talking to a Cleric of Apollo, nodded in agreement.

Meanwhile Kinner had already road up to the wagon.

“Hello there,” Spoke Kinner, the Drow/Dark Elf Bard.

The Gypsy girl was swept up by the mysterious Elves smile, and gleam in his eyes…

“Well… Hello there,” she replied.

“We’re heading to Drudgek to see the Barbarians, how about yourself?” he questioned without truly needing to know.

“Our Leader… You must meet him… And you must all join us for our nights festivities,” she spoke as she swept her hand through the air.

Zahn looked at Tor-Atimus, who nodded agreement.

Before Zahn could say anything, “That would be wonderful,” spoke Kinner, who took the young girls hand in his own, and kissed it… His red eyes twinkling.

That night, the 8 Gypsies cooked food, and danced, as Kinner played his fiddle.

Meanwhile Tor-Atimus drank, and Zahn mearly observed…

Also drinking was the Dragonborn Warrior Stigus.

Meanwhile the Tiefling Wizard, Ren, stood back in the shadows observing….

…but Chi, felt drawn towards the covered wagon, so made his way to the back of it.

“You may come in if you please,” came a voice inside the wagon… But it was no ordinary voice, it sounded a bit, bird like.

As Chi pulled back the drapes, within was a Kenku, greatly robed, sitting in a large chair.

“Come in… Come in…” spoke the Kenku, which looked basically like a Raven man.

Suddenly Ren appeared behind Chi,”May I as well,” he spoke.

This intrigued the Kenku, “Yes… Both of you, come in.”

As Chi and Ren entered, they noticed many fortune telling cards, and a crystal ball on a shelf.

The Kenku noted this, “Is there something you’d like to know about your future? Or perhaps… Your past?”

Ren smiled, “Not necessarily.”

“Oh yes, that would be wonderful,” spoke Chi enthusiastically.

“Very well,” with this the Kenku raised both of his arms, and the crystal ball floated to a small table, and the small table sat itself in front of him.

The whole wagon then began to glow a dark green in color…

…Ren looked around at the light, completely captivated, and impressed by the magic that he could feel.

“You’re a hunter… From Speahr Torn…” he spoke with an ominous tone.

Ren thought to himself, well, that’s a fairly logical conclusion.

With this the Kenku gazed at Ren, “Logical conclusion.”

Ren lost his breath.

The Kenku’s gaze then returned to Chi, “You have a sister,” he spoke, but Chi looked baffled, and shook his head no.

“You… Have a sister,” suddenly the dark green glow disappeared, and the table and crystal ball returned to where they were before the session.

“That is all that I can tell you,” he spoke.

…”But… I don’t have a sister?” spoke Chi, but by then Ren had put his arm around Chi, and was escorting him out of the wagon.

“Come along Chi… Thank you very much… Er,” Ren spoke, as he realized he didn’t know the Kenku’s name.

“Windor…” he spoke.

“Windor… Yes… Thank you so much for your time,” and Ren and Chi were gone, back to the camp.

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