Magic And Light – Chapter XXIV



by DarkJade

Chapter I – A Gathering Of Friends – Chapter II – Making Characters – Chapter III – Choose Your Class – Chapter IV – Character Introductions (Stigus) – Chapter V – Character Introductions (Chi (Red)) – Chapter VI – Character Introductions (Ren) – CHAPTER VII – Character Introductions (Kinner) – Chapter VIII – Character Introductions (Zhan) –  Chapter IX – Final Character Introduction (Tor-Atimus) – Chapter X – Beginnings – Chapter XI – The Crimson Blade Tavern – Chapter XII – Waiting – Chapter XIII – North To Drudgek – Chapter XIV –  Session 3 – Chapter XV – Day 1 – Chapter XVI – Orcs – Chapter XVII – Kenku – Chapter XVIII – XP – Chapter XIX – Drudgek Barbarians – Chapter XX – Faren – Chapter XXI – Captor – Chapter XXII – Rude Awakening – Chapter XXIII – Session 4


As the 5 Black Rock Orcs, and Chi the Elven Ranger they’ve captured, near the Black Rock Tribe’s Home Dwelling, one of the Orcs suddenly comes to a halt.

“What is it…” speaks the Leader.

“Somethings following us…” he replies

Chi, fluent in 7 languages, including Orc, becomes hopeful.

“WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU’RE GOING WITH MY FRIEND!” comes a Booming Voice from in front of them.

Standing in path before them is Ren, the Tiefling Wizard, his eyes glowing an unnatural red.

The Orcs seem shaken, but do not flee.

“GET HIM!” yells the Leader in Orcish.

Three of the Ors charge the Wizard, axes risen above their heads, when they get some 15′ from him…


…and with a thunderous ‘BOOM!’ sound, a glowing cube of energy appears before him, blowing them all back 10′, wounding them.

“ARGH!” they yell.

Suddenly Faren, the Drudgek Barbarian, leaps down from the nearby rocks, and goes into a RAGE!

“You’ve made a huge mistake, Orcs!” he proclaims in Orcish.

He then brings down his great axe upon the Orc standing in front of the Orc Leader, knocking him to his knees…

The Leader seems frantic as Kinner suddenly appears two rapiers drawn before him…

“On guard!” he speaks in Common.

He takes two strikes at the Leader, striking him each time.

Suddenly the Cleric Zahn appears on the hill…

…”SACRIS FLAMA!” he speaks, and a flame like radiance leaves his hand, and strikes the Leader Orc in the chest, knocking him to the ground.

Stigus, the Dragonborn Warrior, also appears in the rocks above, longbow drawn back…

Next to her the Half Orc Paladin Tor-Atimus appears as well…

“Please… Stop this… Release our friend… We do not wish to kill you…” he yells in Orcish.

The other 4 Orcs then make their way back to the Leader, all of them wounded.

The Leader motions the release of Chi, their Elven Ranger friend, and so they unchain him.

Chi makes his way to Tor-Atimus.

Suddenly a horn can be heard some 10 minutes away to the East.

“It’s my fault…” speaks Ren… “My Tunderwave let off such a noise.”

“No matter… We’re leaving now!” proclaims Zahn, and their Party retreat to their horses, save Tor-Atimus, who stares down at the Orc Party.

“You are a traitor to your kind…” yells the Leader.

Tor-Atimus says nothing, then retreats to his horse as well.


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