Magic And Light – Chapter XXXII



by DarkJade

Adventure Prep

I – A Gathering Of Friends – II – Making Characters – III – Choose Your Class

Character Introductions

  IV – Stigus – V – Chi (Red) – VI – Ren – VII – Kinner – VIII – Zhan –  IX – Tor-Atimus

The Campaign

X – Beginnings – XI – The Crimson Blade Tavern – XII – Waiting – XIII – North To Drudgek – XIV –  Session 3 – XV – Day 1 – XVI – Orcs – CXVII – Kenku – XVIII – XP – XIX – Drudgek Barbarians – XX – Faren – XXI – Captor – XXII – Rude Awakening – XXIII – Session 4 – XXIV – The Hunted – XXV – The Druid Jarothh – XXVI – Dinner’s At 8 – XXVII – A Question Of Beliefs – XXVIII – Session 5 – XXIX – Dreyha – XXX – He Did It For The Girl – XXXI – The 12th Day


This was our 6th Session, and we all arrived early.

Including Lisa, Stacy’s friend, who was going to play the role of the maidens in Session 5, but that never panned out, as they weren’t really in it.

“Lisa, I want you to take over the Character of Drayha if you’re interested… I’m already running Tor-Atimus,” spoke Johnny.

“Wow… I don’t know what to say… She’s a great character, are you sure–” spoke Lisa, but was interrupted before she could finish.

“Definitely… Enjoy,” and with this Johnny handed the Drayha Character Sheet over to Lisa.

All of us congratulated her.

Johnny had made us all tacos and burritos, we all ate, and then began.

Drayha arrived at the black stone Drudgek Barbarian Keep, the home of the Barbarian Prince, Noria.

She made her way to the hall unstopped by the guards, as if they recognized her.


“I’ll run this scene, then you can take her over,” spoke Johnny to Lisa who nodded.

When Drayha entered the Hall, Prince Noria just laughed.

“What now Drayha… What news from the Green Tower,” he spoke more than asked.

“The High Druid Jarothh has taken interest in a group lead by a Cleric of Apollo…” she spoke.

Prince Noria’s face became a bit more serious.

“And…” he replied.

“Six of your Archers are following them… This does not bode well…” she continued…

…by now she stood some 25 feet from the Prince.

“They are only to follow them… I have one of my Lieutenants in their Party,” he replied, lying.

“So these men are merely ‘protecting’ your Lieutenant?” questioned Drayha.

“Very well, if this is a problem for the Green Tower, I’ll order them home,” with  this he writes some words on a parchment, rolls it up, pours some hot wax on it, and seals it with his ring.

He then holds the parchment out to Drayha.

Apprehensively, she approaches, and takes it.

“Thank you Prince… I shall tell Jarothh of your graciousness…” she spoke, turned, and left.

“You do that,” spoke Prince Noria under his breath.

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