Magic And Light – Chapter XXXVI



by DarkJade

Adventure Prep

I – A Gathering Of Friends – II – Making Characters – III – Choose Your Class

Character Introductions

  IV – Stigus – V – Chi (Red) – VI – Ren – VII – Kinner – VIII – Zhan –  IX – Tor-Atimus

The Campaign

X – Beginnings – XI – The Crimson Blade Tavern – XII – Waiting – XIII – North To Drudgek – XIV –  Session 3 – XV – Day 1 – XVI – Orcs – CXVII – Kenku – XVIII – XP – XIX – Drudgek Barbarians – XX – Faren – XXI – Captor – XXII – Rude Awakening – XXIII – Session 4 – XXIV – The Hunted – XXV – The Druid Jarothh – XXVI – Dinner’s At 8 – XXVII – A Question Of Beliefs – XXVIII – Session 5 – XXIX – Dreyha – XXX – He Did It For The Girl – XXXI – The 12th Day – XXXII – Session 6 – XXXIII – Ambush – XXXIV – Gnolls – XXXV – Level 3


Halfway into the 14th day, Zahn and his Party reached the Border of THAEN.

From here would be an incline north east into the Thaen Mountains, or another half day ride to the Southern Woods of Thaen.

Standing directly on the border before them were 7 Centaurs…

…and they did not look happy.

Zahn sat on his horse at the front of the group…

Behind him on his left and right his Tiefling Wizard Ren, and his Half Orc Paladin, Tor-Atimus.

Directly behind him was the Dragonborn Fighter/Warrior, Stigus…

…and behind her on her right and left were Kinner, the Drow (Dark Elf) Bard, and the Drudgek Barbarian, Faren.

Kinner dismounted and walked up to Zahn.

“Centaurs are generally good hearted creatures…” he explained.

“But they protect there lands and people ferociously,” he concluded.

Zahn nodded as Kinner began walking back to his horse…

“Oh and they generally speak Elven and Sylvan,” Kinner added and mounted his horse once more.

Zahn rode ahead to the middle point between his Party and the Centaurs, about 50 feet away.

Two of the Centaurs rode to the same point to meet him.

“Greetings… I am Zahn, a Cleric of Apollo…” he spoke to them in Elven.

The Centaurs seemed to calm a bit.

“I am Sarutus…” replied one,” What business have you in Thaen…”

“My Order, and God, brought me here to share the light of Appolo with those who so desire…” replied Zahn.

The two Centaurs looked at one another.

“I know not of your God… And those within the Southern Woods of Thaen have Fairy light… We have no use for your God… You’d best head into the mountains, not our Wood,” spoke Sarutus, and the two Centaurs returned to their pack, and continued their stance.

Zahn road back to his Party.

“To the mountains…” he spoke, and without question, the Party followed him.


“And that will end Session 6…” spoke Johnny.

“Good job Lisa,” he continued, and all agreed, whilst Lisa nodded and half smiled.

“Next week my family will be on vacation, so we’ll pick up in two weeks,” continued Johnny.

“Until then, fare yee well,” and we all parted.



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