Magic And Light – Chapter XXXIX



by DarkJade

Adventure Prep

I – A Gathering Of Friends – II – Making Characters – III – Choose Your Class

Character Introductions

  IV – Stigus – V – Chi (Red) – VI – Ren – VII – Kinner – VIII – Zhan –  IX – Tor-Atimus

The Campaign

X – Beginnings – XI – The Crimson Blade Tavern – XII – Waiting – XIII – North To Drudgek – XIV –  Session 3 – XV – Day 1 – XVI – Orcs – CXVII – Kenku – XVIII – XP – XIX – Drudgek Barbarians – XX – Faren – XXI – Captor – XXII – Rude Awakening – XXIII – Session 4 – XXIV – The Hunted – XXV – The Druid Jarothh – XXVI – Dinner’s At 8 – XXVII – A Question Of Beliefs – XXVIII – Session 5 – XXIX – Dreyha – XXX – He Did It For The Girl – XXXI – The 12th Day – XXXII – Session 6 – XXXIII – Ambush – XXXIV – Gnolls – XXXV – Level 3 – XXXVI – Thaen – XXXVII – Session 7 – XXXVIII – Into The Lair

CHAPTER XXXIX – Clanculum Vermi

Chi lead the way into the cave.

Behind him Kinner, who as a Drow, is very used to the dark.

Then Tor-Atimus, Zahn and Ren.

All of them have Darkvision, save Zahn…

So the further from the entrance, the less he could see.

“I’m going to need to light a torch,” he spoke.

Tor-Atimus nods, and Zahn lights a torch.

He’s now able to see 30′ ahead, and the rest of them can see 60′.

Though with the twists and turns of the cavern, no one can see beyond 30′

Soon they reach a larger cavern, and at the end of it is a 20′ wide rock-ish stairway going down.

They head towards it…

“Are You Sure That’s Wise…” speaks a deep whispery voice in Draconic (Dragon) from down the stairs.

Ren and Tor-Atimus, who speak Draconic stop the group.

“It’s the Dragon…” speaks Ren.

“What did he say?” questions Zahn.

“He said, “Are you sure that’s wise…” speaks Tor-Atimus.

“He’s asking if we think it’s wise to go down the stairs,” explains Ren.

“Perhaps we should turn back,” responds Kinner.

“Alright,” replies Zahn, and the Party turns around.

“Leave The Mage…” speaks the Dragon in Draconic once more.

Zahn looks at Tor-Atimus, who looks distraught.

“He says to leave the Mage…” speaks Ren.

“What… I’m not leaving you down here!” replies Zahn

All the Party looks stunned, and terrified.

“I don’t think we have a choice,” replies Ren.

Chi looks at Zahn and nods, as if agreeing.

“Just… Go… Get the Party as far away as you can… I’ll do my best to survive this,” finishes Ren as he walks by the rest of the group and begins his way down the rough rock-ish stairs.

Zahn moves towards Ren as if to follow, tears and anguish in his eyes…

…but Tor-Atimus grabs onto him, and pushes him the other direction.

Meanwhile Ren makes his way down the 100′ feet stair cavern…

“Very Wise…” speaks the Dragon once more in Draconic.

Meanwhile Zahn, and the rest of the Party briskly make there way towards the caverns exit.

Ren then enters a large room well lit with torches, with a drop down into the middle some 40′ down.

When he looks down he sees piles of silver and gold coins with a chest in the middle of them.

“Where are you Dragon!” Ren speaks in Draconic his heart racing.

Suddenly from the ceiling drops an 18′ long Red Dragon, who rests itself upon its’ treasure.

“I Am Here…” it replies.

Outside the Party dashes out of the cavern, and Dreyha, Zaren and Stigus stand ready to attack.

“We’re leaving!” proclaims Tor-Atimus.

“Grab your horses,” he continues.

Meanwhile Zahn staggers and faces the cavern opening.

“WHERE’S REN!” speaks Faren loudly.

Chi just shakes his head at Faren, then starts pulling his horse away.


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