Magic And Light – Chapter XXXVIII



by DarkJade

Adventure Prep

I – A Gathering Of Friends – II – Making Characters – III – Choose Your Class

Character Introductions

  IV – Stigus – V – Chi (Red) – VI – Ren – VII – Kinner – VIII – Zhan –  IX – Tor-Atimus

The Campaign

X – Beginnings – XI – The Crimson Blade Tavern – XII – Waiting – XIII – North To Drudgek – XIV –  Session 3 – XV – Day 1 – XVI – Orcs – CXVII – Kenku – XVIII – XP – XIX – Drudgek Barbarians – XX – Faren – XXI – Captor – XXII – Rude Awakening – XXIII – Session 4 – XXIV – The Hunted – XXV – The Druid Jarothh – XXVI – Dinner’s At 8 – XXVII – A Question Of Beliefs – XXVIII – Session 5 – XXIX – Dreyha – XXX – He Did It For The Girl – XXXI – The 12th Day – XXXII – Session 6 – XXXIII – Ambush – XXXIV – Gnolls – XXXV – Level 3 – XXXVI – Thaen – XXXVII – Session 7


“A Dragon’s Lair?” Ren seems suddenly exhilarated.

“Yes…” replies Stigus grimly.

“Not a big one… But, I think so,” explains Chi.

As his Party speaks about the Lair, Zahn goes into a slight trance…

Tor-Atimus approaches him, “What are you thinking Zahn…”

Zahn looks at him, “I’ve never been in the presence of a Dragon.”

“Hmm… Nor have I… Not many Dragons near the Pilgrimage in Despa,’ Tor-Atimus replies.

“We need to leave Zahn… It’s nearly dark,” speaks Stigus with a slight sense of urgency.

“We need to know what we’re dealing with here,” speaks Zahn.

“What do you mean Zahn?” questions Stigus.

“By Apollo, I’m not leaving an Evil creature here to devour weary travelers… If we’re to be protectors of this land, there’s no time like the present…” he says with conviction in his eyes.

“You’d have us fight a Dragon?” replies Stigus without regard for who hears.

Suddenly Zahn comes to his senses…

“No… No… This is only for those who follow Apollo… In fact, it’s our 16th day of our journey, I’ve forgotten to pay each of you your 20 gold for the second week,” with this he gestures and Tor-Atimus goes to his horse and pulls out gold for Ren, Chi, Stigus and Kinner.

“Zahn is right… As protectors of this land, it is his and my duty to investigate the cavern…” spoke Tor-Atimus.

Suddenly Tor-Atimus kneels, “I’ve decide to swear a Sacred Oath of Devotion to Apollo…”

Zahn puts his hand on Tor-Atimus’s shoulder, “When we have a moments peace, we will bring you into our Order appropriately… You have no idea what this means to me Tor-Atimus.”

Tor-Atimus stands.

“Well that’s all great and fine, but the two of you are fools!” proclaims Stigus.

“No there not…” speaks Kinner who steps forward, “They’re brave.”

“The reality is, there are many sorts of Dragons… Yes, many are Evil, but the Metalic Dragons are not…” speaks Ren.

“I’m going in with you,” he continues.

“As am I,” interjects Kinner.

Faren and Dreyha look at one another.

“Dreyha and I will guard the outside of the cavern… If you make a run for it, we will strike this Dragon should it follow you out…” speaks Faren.

Dreyha nods.

Stigus kicks a nearby rock, “You’re fools…”

She turns and faces Zahn, “But you are friends so I will stay with Faren and Dreyha, should you need us.”

“I’m going with you as well,” speaks Chi, “I might be of use.”

Zahn nods.

“Very well… Let us enter,” he speaks, and he, Chi, Tor-Atimus, Ren and Kinner all enter the cavern.


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