Magic And Light – Chapter XXXXI



by DarkJade

Adventure Prep

I – A Gathering Of Friends – II – Making Characters – III – Choose Your Class

Character Introductions

  IV – Stigus – V – Chi (Red) – VI – Ren – VII – Kinner – VIII – Zhan –  IX – Tor-Atimus

The Campaign

X – Beginnings – XI – The Crimson Blade Tavern – XII – Waiting – XIII – North To Drudgek – XIV –  Session 3 – XV – Day 1 – XVI – Orcs – CXVII – Kenku – XVIII – XP – XIX – Drudgek Barbarians – XX – Faren – XXI – Captor – XXII – Rude Awakening – XXIII – Session 4 – XXIV – The Hunted – XXV – The Druid Jarothh – XXVI – Dinner’s At 8 – XXVII – A Question Of Beliefs – XXVIII – Session 5 – XXIX – Dreyha – XXX – He Did It For The Girl – XXXI – The 12th Day – XXXII – Session 6 – XXXIII – Ambush – XXXIV – Gnolls – XXXV – Level 3 – XXXVI – Thaen – XXXVII – Session 7 – XXXVIII – Into The Lair – XXXIX – Clanculum Vermi – XXXX – The Wizard And The Dragon


In a mountainous location, several hours east of the Dragons’ Lair, a quiet group of Adventurers make camp.

Kinner gathering wood, Faren makes the fire and Chi cooking dinner.

The three of them sit around the fire as Chi works.

Meanwhile Stigus sits alone pondering the days events, and Dreyha sits within a sole tree just outside of camp.

Tor-Atimus checks on the horses, and Zahn and Ren speak alone.

“I’m sorry Ren… I should never have brought any of us down there…” spoke Zahn.

“It was my choice to go… Captivated by the experience… In the end, Dreyha is likely the only reason I’m alive,” replies Ren.

“I left you there to die Ren…” continues Zahn.

“These are the burdenous decisions a Leader has to make… You are a true Leader Zahn… That’s why we’re still here… Not the money,” responds Ren.

Zahn notes Tor-Atimus checking on the horses.

“Sometimes I wonder if Tor-Atimus should be the one leading…” adds Zahn.

“Tor-Atimus is here because of you… He’s to do a Sacred Oath to Apollo, because of you… You’ve given him a purpose,” speaks Ren.

“Either way, we can’t do a lot of good for Galdur if we’re being digested by a dragon,” they both laugh at this.

“I’m gaining power… My new Spells that have come to me are designed to keep me alive… Next time, I don’t want to rely on another to do so…” finishes Ren.

Zahn nods, and the two of them go to the fire to fetch their supper.


“And that’s the end of Session 7… Stacy, your Warrior/Fighter Stigus leveled, and so did your Wizard Ren Connor…” spoke Johnny.

“Go ahead and roll your Hit Points for Level 3…” he finishes.

“I rolled a 9, plus my +1 Constitution Modifier, which gives me a total of 10 Hit Points for Level 3, and a Maximum Hit Points of 31,” speaks Stacy.

“Nice,” replies Trevor.

“I rolled a 3, plus my Constitution Modifier of +1, for a total of 4 Hit Points for Level 3, and a Maximum Hit Point total of 16,” I (Conner) add.

“My Arch Type is going to be a Battle Master, which gives me three fighting Maneuvers, I chose PARRY, PRECISION ATTACK AND RIPOSTE,” Stacy adds.

“Alright,” replies Johnny.

“And I just get some more Spells, as well as 3 more Spell Slots, including two 2nd Level ones…,” I add.

“Nice,” replies Barry.

“Alright, that’s it for tonight, see you guys next week,” finishes Johnny.

PICTURE CREDIT – Black Mountain

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