Magic And Light – Chapter XXXXIII



by DarkJade

Adventure Prep & Character Introductions (Chapters 1-9)

1 – A Gathering Of Friends – 2 – Making Characters – 3 – Choose Your Class – 4 – Stigus – 5 – Chi (Red) – 6 – Ren – 7 – Kinner – 8 – Zhan –  9 – Tor-Atimus

The Campaign (Chapters 10-Present)

10 – Beginnings – 11 – The Crimson Blade Tavern – 12 – Waiting – 13 – North To Drudgek – 14 –  Session 3 – 15 – Day 1 – 16 – Orcs – 17 – Kenku – 18 – XP – 19 – Drudgek Barbarians – 20 – Faren – 21 – Captor – 22 – Rude Awakening – 23 – Session 4 – 24 – The Hunted – 25 – The Druid Jarothh – 26 – Dinner’s At 8 – 27 – A Question Of Beliefs – 28 – Session 5 – 29 – Dreyha – 30 – He Did It For The Girl – 31 – The 12th Day – 32 – Session 6 – 33 – Ambush – 34 – Gnolls – 35 – Level 3 – 36 – Thaen – 37 – Session 7 – 38 – Into The Lair – 39 – Clanculum Vermi – 40 – The Wizard And The Dragon – 41 – Remorse – 42 – Session 8

CHAPTER XXXXIII – A Time Of Challenge

After the Troll attack, though Faren had been healed largely by Kinner, his body was still especially tired…

…and so he slept deeply.

Though Chi already had the 2nd watch, he requested that he take the 3rd watch as well with Kinner, as opposed to Dreyha, Zahn or Ren.

Kinner and Chi sat by the fire listening to the sounds of the wild around them.

“I think Stigus is going to leave us soon,” spoke Kinner.

“What makes you say that?” questioned Chi.

“I don’t think she feels connected to any of this…” Kinner explains.

“Why did you stay up for the 3rd watch Chi… You too were wounded tonight, though you are mended,” spoke Kinner.

“Intuition…” replied Chi.

“Soon I must make a choice… Either to be a Ranger HUNTER, and do my best to protect those who enter the wilderness, or a Ranger BEAST MASTER, and instead join allegiance with an animal, and do my best to connect the wilderness with those who lay outside of it…” explains Chi.

Suddenly three wolves enter the camp…

…two black, and one white.

“Will they attack?” questions Kinner.

“No… They’re here for me,” respond Chi.

“They’re looking for an answer… If I bond with a beast, it will be this white wolf…”Chi further explained.

“But I don’t have an answer yet…” Chi finishes.

With this, the three wolves turn and go.

The next day, the 18th day of Zahn and his Party’s journey, they come across a small settlement of Humans.

There are a dozen or so straw huts across the area.

Zahn looks at Tor-Atimus who knew this was the sort of thing Zahn had been looking for.

Three children approached the Party’s horses, and then lead them to the Human adults.

Zahn spoke with three of them…

They explained how there were 70+ of them left out of 200 originally.

The Thaen Orcs had been slowly either killing them off, or enslaving them.

After this Zahn threw a meeting with his Party.

“This is exactly what I’ve been looking for… I will teach them of Apollo, let them make their own decisions, but first I must aid them in ridding them of the Orcs who trouble them,” spoke Zahn.

“Judging by the tracks around the encampment, I’d say there’s over 200 Orcs near by…” spoke Chi.

“I can help you… Though I get along with Tor-Atimus here, prior to meeting you, tracking Orcs was one of my specialties…” Chi added.

Zahn nodded at Chi.

Zahn then approached Stigus and put a hand on her shoulder, “I know that you’ve been considering leaving the Party… I would ask that you consider putting your carpentry skills to work by helping these people build something more than huts to live in… I will also be, should things go well, building my first Apollo Temple here, and I’d like to employee you.”

Stigus seems surprised, but somewhat invigorated at the thought of building homes.

“Chi, Tor-Atimus and I will find these Orcs, and try to reason with them… If it does not work, other measures will be needed,” spoke Zahn.

“You’re going to need to build a stone wall around this place,” spoke Faren… “And some security… I will stay and help to protect the people, and strategize the wall.

“Dwarves… There are Dwarves in these mountains, perhaps we could employee them to build the walls,” speaks one of the three settlers who have now joined the meeting.

“Everything we will need is on our boat in Jor… I must send word to my Order to send men to bring its’ contents here…” adds Zahn.

“It might behoove you to have your boat travel around to the north eastern port of YORK… It’s only a half days journey east of here,” spoke the settler.

“I will travel to York, and send word to your Order, they can then retrieve your ship from Jor and bring it to York,” spoke Dreyha.

“Then I will travel back to the Green Tower and report what you are doing to the High Druid Jarothh,” she concludes.

Zahn nods.

“Kinner and I will go to York as well and board a boat to Jor… From there we will either join your Order on your ship back to York, or will part ways,” spoke Ren.

Zahn approaches Ren and Kinner, handing them each their 20 gold for the unfinished week, “I can’t thank either of you enough for your contributions to this journey… Once this place is secure, I will travel once more to find more followers… Perhaps we will work together again…”

Ren and Kinner nod, then get on their horses, and head towards York.

Dreyha nods at Zahn, and takes Great Eagle form and heads to York as well.

Zahn looks at Chi and Tor-Atimus, “Let gets to it,” and the three of them mount, and head into the surrounding mountains to the north.

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