Magic And Light – Chapter XXXXV



by DarkJade

Adventure Prep & Character Introductions (Chapters 1-9)

1 – A Gathering Of Friends – 2 – Making Characters – 3 – Choose Your Class – 4 – Stigus – 5 – Chi (Red) – 6 – Ren – 7 – Kinner – 8 – Zhan –  9 – Tor-Atimus

The Campaign (Chapters 10-Present)

10 – Beginnings – 11 – The Crimson Blade Tavern – 12 – Waiting – 13 – North To Drudgek – 14 –  Session 3 – 15 – Day 1 – 16 – Orcs – 17 – Kenku – 18 – XP – 19 – Drudgek Barbarians – 20 – Faren – 21 – Captor – 22 – Rude Awakening – 23 – Session 4 – 24 – The Hunted – 25 – The Druid Jarothh – 26 – Dinner’s At 8 – 27 – A Question Of Beliefs – 28 – Session 5 – 29 – Dreyha – 30 – He Did It For The Girl – 31 – The 12th Day – 32 – Session 6 – 33 – Ambush – 34 – Gnolls – 35 – Level 3 – 36 – Thaen – 37 – Session 7 – 38 – Into The Lair – 39 – Clanculum Vermi – 40 – The Wizard And The Dragon – 41 – Remorse – 42 – Session 8 – 43 – A Time Of Challenge – 44 – Short Encounter

CHAPTER XXXXV – Quiet Before The Storm

By the end of the night, Zahn, Chi and Tor-Atimus had returned to the Human Encampment.

Kinner had also been dropped off by Dreyha, and she had reentered the sky, and headed towards the Green Tower to deliver her report to the High Druid Jarothh.

That night, as the encampment slept, Faren lead a watch of he and 4 Human settlers.

During the watch they spotted several Gnolls who seemed to check out the encampment visually, but did not approach.

“Gnolls… That’s all we need,” spoke Faren.

And later, three Orc Scouts were spotted, who also did not approach.

In the morning of the 19th day Zahn threw a meeting, and Faren spoke first.

“We spotted three Gnolls last night, and three Orc Scouts…” he reported.

“Our talks with the Leader of the nearby Orcs did not fare well… I’m afraid they may attack at any time…” spoke Zahn.

The settlers were very upset, and the three that Zahn had met with originally had questions.

“What do we do now? The walls your Barbarian speaks of won’t be built for weeks if not months.

“How well can your people fight?” questioned Zahn.

“I mean… Several of us have battled Orcs, and also hunt for the encampment,” the settler replied.

“We need more help… You spoke of Dwarves in these mountains who we might employee to build the walls… Would they consider standing beside us?” spoke Tor-Atimus.

The settlers looked perplexed, “I mean… Why would Dwarves helps us?” one spoke.

Zahn smiled, “You’d be surprised…”

“I speak Dwarven… I will lead a Party to retrieve some of the Dwarves to come and meet with us both for the construction of the wall, and the general support of the encampment…” spoke Chi.

Zahn nodded.

“We’ll send four of our hunters with you,” spoke the settler.

And so Chi and the four settler hunters departed.

Faren approached Zahn, “If they attack, we do not have the men to defend this encampment.”

Zahn put his hand on his shoulder, “Do what you can… Determine how many of them can fight, and get back to me.”

Faren nodded, and went to get a count.

Stigus approached Zahn with Kinner, “We’ve set up a tent for you to strategize,” spoke Stigus.

Zahn nodded, and they all went to the tent…

…Stigus, Kinner, Tor-Atimus and Zahn.

Before them was a map of the local area.

Tor-Atimus stood in the doorway of the tent…

…”It’s too quiet… The Orcs must be preparing an attack… I suspect we have a day at most,” spoke Tor-Atimus.

Zahn nodded.

On the morning of the 20th day, 13 Orcs stood some 50 yards from the encampment banging their drums.

Faren had determined that the encampment had some 30 or so that could handle a weapon…

…Chi and the four Human Hunters had returned with four Dwarven warriors.

“Your situation is grim my friend,” spoke one of the Dwarven Warriors to Zahn.

Suddenly 8 Roc (Large Bird) Riders landed in front of the encampment…

…Roc Riders of York.

From one of the Rocs back was a passenger…


Kinner ran up and hugged him, “Glad to see you old friend,” he spoke.

Ren smiled and nodded.

“We have York’s support,” spoke Ren to Zahn.

“Eight Roc Riders… Not bad,” replied Faren.

With this the Orcs departed.

Zahn looked at Tor-Atimus…

…”They’ll return, with greater numbers,” Tor-Atimus spoke.

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