Magic And Light – Chapter XXXXVI



by DarkJade

Adventure Prep & Character Introductions (Chapters 1-9)

1 – A Gathering Of Friends – 2 – Making Characters – 3 – Choose Your Class – 4 – Stigus – 5 – Chi (Red) – 6 – Ren – 7 – Kinner – 8 – Zhan –  9 – Tor-Atimus

The Campaign (Chapters 10-Present)

10 – Beginnings – 11 – The Crimson Blade Tavern – 12 – Waiting – 13 – North To Drudgek – 14 –  Session 3 – 15 – Day 1 – 16 – Orcs – 17 – Kenku – 18 – XP – 19 – Drudgek Barbarians – 20 – Faren – 21 – Captor – 22 – Rude Awakening – 23 – Session 4 – 24 – The Hunted – 25 – The Druid Jarothh – 26 – Dinner’s At 8 – 27 – A Question Of Beliefs – 28 – Session 5 – 29 – Dreyha – 30 – He Did It For The Girl – 31 – The 12th Day – 32 – Session 6 – 33 – Ambush – 34 – Gnolls – 35 – Level 3 – 36 – Thaen – 37 – Session 7 – 38 – Into The Lair – 39 – Clanculum Vermi – 40 – The Wizard And The Dragon – 41 – Remorse – 42 – Session 8 – 43 – A Time Of Challenge – 44 – Short Encounter – XXXXV – Quiet Before The Storm


As night fell, the Orcs drums returned, but this time from all sides of the encampment.

The 30 settler Hunters stood ready, hiding behind bales of hay, and anything else they could hide behind.

Meanwhile, the Roc Riders of York awaited the horn of battle, as they waited in the nearby mountainsides.

Zahn, Tor-Atimus, Stigus, Kinner, Ren and Faren were all in the strategy tent…

“Where’s Chi?” questioned Kinner.

“He’s taking a closer look,” spoke Zahn.

Kinner went silent, then left the tent.

Minutes later he appeared by Chi’s side, who was hiding in the shadows behind a tree outside the encampment.

“What’s the word,” spoke Kinner.

“Any moment…” replied Chi.

Suddenly three Orcs started to sneak towards the encampment, drums beating in the background.

Chi drew back his bow, and right before his shot Kinner put his hand on his shoulder… “FORTITUDINEM PATRARE…” and a dark blue glow crossed Chi’s body…

…with this Chi filled with bravery as he released the shot striking one of their shoulders.

They both then ran back towards the encampment.

The three Orcs ran after them, but waiting for them was the Barbarian Faren.

He goes into a RAGE, and a FRENZY, then throws both of his hand axes striking two of them…

The three Orcs then throw javelins at Faren, two hitting him, but being in a Rage, he did not flinch.

The rest of the Orcs then charged into the encampment throwing spears, striking 7 Hunter settlers, but killing none.

Zahn raises his hands, “BENEDICITE…” and a white light passes over Stigus, Tor-Atimus and himself.

Tor-Atimus blows the horn of battle summoning the 8 Roc Riders of York.

“PULL BACK THE SERIOUSLY WOUNDED!” yells Zahn, and Tor-Atimus runs out to the settler Hunters, and raises his hand, which glows white, and touches a badly wounded Hunter, healing him some.

Stigus pulls back her bow, and shootsa an Orc in the throat, it crumples and falls to the ground.

Ren then speaks, “CHROMATIC ORBIS!” and a 4″ diameter orb of fire appears, and he hurls it at an Orc, engulfing it in fire.

Suddenly the 8 Roc Riders of York appear in the sky, and tear down onto the battlefield, each of the Riders shooting arrows, two of them hitting Orcs…

…their Rocs (Large Birds) then swoop down, talons blaring, they grasp, squeeze and drop  7 or 8 Orcs, killing them.

Chi then turned around and took another shot, but missed.

Kinner then started to sing, and play his fiddle, causing a yellow glow to go over Chi.

Faren takes two swings of his great axe, but the Orcs are able to avoid the blows.

The remaining 20 Orcs then enter the encampment, their great axes above their heads…

…they kill 8 of the 30 Human Hunters.

Zahn raises his hands they glow white…

…suddenly white flashes strike 4 different wounded Hunters in the chest, healing each of them.

Stigus takes two shots, slaying another Orc…

…and Ren hurls another ball of flame, but misses.

The Roc Riders shoot arrows, but only one strikes an Orc, knocking him to his knees.

And the Rocs swooped down and killed two more.

Kinner attacked with two short swords, but the Orcs dodge the blows.

Zahn raises his hands, “PESSULUM!”

A flash of light strikes an Orc in the chest killing it.

The remaining 14 Orcs kill 3 more Human Hunters, and one of them strikes Stigus in the chest.

Tor-Atimus raises his battle axe, and it glows orange as he strikes down two Orcs.

Stigus throws both of her hand axes which strike one large Orc…

…but he still stands.

Ren puts his hands up once more and they glow red, summoning one last fireball, he hurls it and incinerates an Orc.

Two more arrows strike Orcs from the Roc Riders, and the Rocs kill 5 more…

Leaving 6 alive.

Chi stot one more.

Kinner misses two…

…and the last 5 Orcs run off.

In the end, 25 Orcs, and 12 Human Hunters lay dead.


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