Magic And Light (The Adventures Of Ren) – Chapter III


Magic And Light

CAMPAIGN 2 – ‘The Adventures Of Ren’

by DarkJade

(Check Out Campaign 1 HERE)

CHAPTER I – Return To Jor – CHAPTER II – Laris

CHAPTER III – Dwarfport

On the second day of our journey to Polus, and more specifically, DWARFPORT, Ren stood on the deck once more, and Laris approached him.

“I have to say, you’re not exactly like the Paladins I’ve known… Not that I’ve known many,” spoke Ren.

“This Zahn was pretty serious, eh,” she replied.

“Not so much serious… But very intent on serving people, and his God Apollo,” answered Ren.

“I respect Paladins and their Devotion to their gods, but I like to really take in this life… It’s beauty, pleasures, light…” she spoke.

Ren looked at her, “Must be an incredible way to live… For me I’m just so passionate about learning about Magic.”

“As long as magic is respected, it can be a pretty amazing thing,” she replied.

The day seems to pass fairly quickly, and soon they reached Dwarfport, which was quite a sight to behold…

“Wow…” spoke Kinner, “I can’t wait to check out their taverns, taste the life of this sea port.”

“I don’t know… I”m pretty out of my comfort zone in large places like this,” spoke Chi.

Chi and Kinner made their way off the ship…

…Ren looked for Laris to say goodbye, but she could not be found.

It was a beautiful sunny day… Seagals flew overhead in search for scraps, and a cool ocean breeze blew across Dwarfport.

Merchants were everywhere, trying to sell every type of item…

…”This was a good decision,” spoke Ren to himself when suddenly a Thief grabbed his small silver pouch and ran.

Ren started to run after him, but Chi ran by Ren, “I’ll get him!” he spoke as he ran by.

None the less, Ren ran after as well, but soon both the Thief and Chi were out of site.

“It’s alright, lets head to the tavern, Chi will find us there,” spoke Kinner reassuredly.

The taverns name was ‘YE OLD TANKARD’…

And when they entered the three story tavern/inn, it was packed…

…and there were Dwarves employed serving drinks etc.

Kinner found a table, and called a dwarven barmaid to the table…

“What have ye,” she spoke.

“Two ales, and a glass of wine for my friend here,” Kinner gestured towards Ren.

Ren felt uncomfortable… Perhaps it was because he had been robbed, perhaps it was because of an attractive brown haired girl, with dark blue eyes, a dark blue blousy shirt, black leather pants and boots, and black studded leather armour was glaring at him from a table in a corner.

“Wow Ren, I never realized how well you do with the ladies… But maybe that’s because we spent all of our time in the wilds of Galdur,” spoke Kinner, with a slap to Ren’s back.

“This one has something to say,” suddenly came the familiar voice of Laris.

Ren looked behind him and she was holding the Thief who took his silver pouch by his cloak…

…he did not look comfortable.

“I’m sorry Sir…” the Thief spoke.

“And…” Laris pushed.

“And here’s your purse,” he handed Ren back his silver pouch, he looked inside…

…”All seems to be here…” spoke Ren.

With this Laris let the Thief go, and gave him a kick to the rear.

“May I,” she spoke, gesturing towards sitting with Kinner and Ren.

“Of course,” replied Ren.

The dwarven barmaid returned with their drinks, and Kinner slid a tankard of ale to Laris…

…she slid it back, “No thanks, I prefer wine like Ren here,” she spoke and slapped him on the back.

Ren took note how so many people seemed to like slapping him on the back… Perhaps it’s a Wizard thing…

“Is this one spoken for,” came the voice of the brown haired, blue eyed girl who now stood before the table gesturing towards Ren.


“Go ahead and describe your character Lisa,” spoke Johnny

“She’s got dark brown, shoulder length hair… Her skin is fairly tanned… She stands 5’9″, and looks to be in her early 20’s,” spoke Lisa

“She weighs 135lbs, and is fairly muscular… She has a very intense vibe about her,” she continued.

“What Class is she?” asked Barry.

Lisa looked at Johnny who nodded that it was ok for her to tell him.

“She’s a Barbarian…” she spoke.

“Lets continue,” spoke Johnny

Laris gave the girl a stern look.

“Not in the market at the present,” spoke Ren awkwardly.

“Hmmff… Alright,” replied the girl who then returned to her table.

Laris smiled slightly at Ren, who seemed beshuffled but his overall arrival to Dwarfport.

“Couldn’t catch em,” spoke Chi who arrived at the table…

…Kinner slid the second ale to him, “Thanks mate,” spoke Chi.

Chi then noted Ren’s silver pouch on the table, “Oh, you got it back…”

Ren gestured with his eyes at Laris.

“On that note, I’m buying the drinks,” Ren spilled out some silver on the table, and the four of them ate and drank the night away…

…the Barbarian girl never taking her eyes off them.

PICTURE CREDIT – Dungeons And Dragons

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