Magic And Light (The Adventures Of Ren) – Chapter V


Magic And Light

CAMPAIGN 2 – ‘The Adventures Of Ren’

by DarkJade

(Check Out Campaign 1 HERE)

CHAPTER I – Return To Jor – CHAPTER II – Laris – CHAPTER III – Dwarfport – CHAPTER IV – Blue Hob

CHAPTER V – Session 10

Session 9 ended, and we all departed… A week later we arrived for Session 10 of Dungeons And Dragons, and Session 2 of the new campaign…

“Lets begin,” spoke Johnny.

Laris staggered over to the doorway where Ren stood with the Blu Hob stranger… “That wasn’t hard at all,” she speaks with a slight smile and a bloody lip.

“I can fight my own battles,” spoke the Blu Hob.

“Ah… Where’s the fun in that… I love a good bar brawl,” Laris replied.

“Are you sure you’re a Paladin…” spoke Ren with a half laugh.

This struck an interest in the Blu Hob, “A Paladin…” he spoke.

With a gleam in her eye she smiled, and nodded at the stranger.

“I WON!” suddenly Kinner stood up from his poker game holding a pile of gold…

…the other players did not look happy.

Maybe this was a good time to leave Dwarfport after all thought Ren to himself.

The next morning Ren, Chi and Kinner prepared their horses, which were brought over with them from Jor, for travel

“Tru, eh,” spoke Laris who suddenly arrived at the stables.

Ren smiled, “I thought maybe you’d like to join us,” he spoke.

Laris looked… Happy, “I would actually,” she spoke…

…she then pulled out a beautiful light grey stallion from one of stable stalls.

“You hear that CAELUM, we’re going on a trip,” she spoke to her horse as she placed her forehead against its’.

“Perhaps you could use a hand with your endeavors…” spoke the Blu Hub stranger from the shadows…

…he then stepped out into the light and pulled down his mask once more.

“The name is ‘Z’… If you need a lock picked, I’m your man,” Z said with a smirk.

Chi stood next to Ren, “If treasure hunting, and magic searching is on our menu, he could be useful.”

Ren looked at Chi and nodded.

“Welcome aboard Z…” spoke Kinner as he approached and shook his hand.

“A Drow (Dark Elf)… Looks I’m not the only one who doesn’t fit into society that well…” spoke Z.

Z then pointed at Kinner, “Bard…” then at Chi, “Ranger…” then at Ren, “Wizard…” then at Laris, “Paladin…”

Z gave a large Goblinish/Orcish grin, “Not too shabby.”

“And a Barbarian if you’ll have me,” spoke the Barbarian girl from the tavern as she walked through the stable doors…

“I’ve been watching all of you… I’m impressed,” she spoke.

Laris stepped forward…

…and reached her hand out, “Laris.”

The Barbarian girl shrugged and walked by her, “I’m not a hand shaker… But I do know the road from here to Tru… And I do have an interest in traveling with ‘competent’ Adventurers…”

“The name is STRYKE…” she spoke.


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