Magic And Light (The Adventures Of Ren) – Chapter IX


Magic And Light

CAMPAIGN 2 – ‘The Adventures Of Ren’

by DarkJade

(Check Out Campaign 1 HERE)

CHAPTER I – Return To Jor – CHAPTER II – Laris – CHAPTER III – Dwarfport – CHAPTER IV – Blu Hob – CHAPTER V – Session 10 – CHAPTER VI – Thalo – CHAPTER VII – Woods Of Fairelight – CHAPTER VIII – Welcome To Tru

CHAPTER IX – Chimera

The next day, after a good nights rest at ‘The Gnoll’s Leg’ tavern and inn, several of us met down stairs to eat breakfast.

Though Thalo hadn’t officially joined our Party, he did seem to continue to hangout outside the tavern entrance.

Z, Chi, Stryke and I were all sitting at a table when two Tru Guard entered the tavern and made their way to the bulletin board on the back wall.

There it was that able bodied Adventurers would find work in the form of Posters.

The two guards hammered up a large yellow and black poster.


“1,000 gold is a bit low for slaying such a beast,” spoke Z, “1,200 would have been better.”

A Chimera… A Mythical creature I’d only heard about in stories…

“We could probably take it… But we may lose one or two of us to its’ firey breath…” added Chi.

Just then, the Barbarian girl Stryke overheard a conversation at the next table.

“There’s more to it then the Chimera… Rumor has it that there’s a Dungeon in those mountains, and the Chimera is either protecting it, or claiming its contents as its’ own…” spoke an old woman to her friend.

Stryke took me aside and told me of this.

“We need to speak to BARON KRAYDOR…” she explained.

“He’ll tell us everything there is to know,” she concluded.

Stryke went on to tell me within the walls of the city of Tru, there were another set of walls, though not quite as tall as the ones surrounding the city itself, which surrounded several important city landmarks…

The KEEP OF TOR, which housed the Duke himself, and sometimes his Royal Court.

The wall also surrounded 5 large homes, belonging to the Nobles, as well as Lord Mayor Shamus.

It also surrounded the MAGE TOWER, which not only homed Tru’s High Wizards, but also the Teleportation Circle of the City.

Also within its walls there were 3 guard houses, specifically housing the Royal Guard.

For us to gain admittance to see the Baron seemed most unlikely.

Suddenly the Baron himself entered the tavern with 6 Royal Guard surrounding him.

“DRINKS FOR EVERYONE!” he proclaimed, and the occupants of the tavern cheered half hazardly.

“Except for you 6,” he spoke with humor to his Royal Guard.

He then took a booth in a corner where the barmaids hurried to serve him.

Though the Baron appeared to be handsome, noble and well dressed, there was a certain humanity to him it seemed.

“Now’s are chance,” spoke Stryke.

Suddenly Kinner pulled out his fiddle, and started to play, and sing.

“He Came From Galdur, To Conquer, And Quest…

His Use Of Magic…

Was Simply The Best…”

I slapped  my forehead, and Stryke started to laugh, “Is he singing about you Ren?” she spoke.

I simply gave her a glance.

But Kinner had a flare none could dismiss, he sang and played and the Baron loved every moment of it…

When he was done, the Baron invited Kinner to his table, and before I knew it, Kinner was waving me over.

I gulped, then made my way over to the Baron’s table.

The 6 Royal Guard gave me quite a glance, but did not stop me from joining the Baron and Kinner.

“You’ve got youself quite a Bard here Tiefling,” he spoke with a gritty smile.

“Thank you my Lord… Though he is not mine,” I replied…

…which caused the Baron to laugh, as he chugged down more wine.

“Indeed…” he replied.

“May I bring my Barbarian friend over my Lord… She has some questions she wishes to ask you in regards to the Chimera…” I explained.

With this the Baron intuitively waved Stryke over.

“Hello Baron… How have you been,” she spoke.

“Good girl… Good,” he replied.

She then sat.

Stryke spoke to the Baron about defeating the Chimera and what she heard the old woman speak about a dungeon.

“There is indeed a dungeon beyond the Chimera’s Lair… And what you find within it is your business…” he spoke.

“Now leave me, no more talk of business tonight, I’ve come to drink!” he proclaimed.

And so we left his table.


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