Magic And Light (The Adventures Of Ren) – Chapter XIV


Magic And Light

CAMPAIGN 2 – ‘The Adventures Of Ren’

by DarkJade

(Check Out Campaign 1 HERE)

CHAPTER I – Return To Jor – CHAPTER II – Laris – CHAPTER III – Dwarfport – CHAPTER IV – Blu Hob – CHAPTER V – Session 10 – CHAPTER VI – Thalo – CHAPTER VII – Woods Of Fairelight – CHAPTER VIII – Welcome To Tru – CHAPTER IX – Chimera – CHAPTER X – Session 11 – CHAPTER XI – Into The Mountains – CHAPTER XII – Hobgoblin Lair – CHAPTER XIII – Ettin

CHAPTER IV – Level 4

After our battle against the Ettin and Goblins, several of our Players Characters had leveled up, so Johnny brought the game to a halt.

“Ok so with that battle, four of your characters leveled up (Level 4)…” he spoke.

“I leveled up,” spoke Trevor, “My Ranger Chi is now Level 4, and has a Maximum Hit Points of 37… He also earned two ABILITY POINTS, which I applied to his CONSTITUTION score, and his DEXTERITY score.”

“My Wizard Ren also leveled, his Maximum Hit Points is now 26, I also raised his CONSTITUTION and DEXTERITY Abilities, which raised his Hit Points, and Armor Class… I need to pick a few more Spells for his Spell Book, as I didn’t get to it last level either,” I (Connor) explained.

“My Paladin Laris also leveled… Her Maximum Hit Points are now 35, and instead of raising her ABILITY POINTS, I took the FEAT ‘HEALER’, which allows her to do some healing with MEDICAL KITS, as opposed to just stabilizing the wounded,” Stacy spoke.

“My Monk Thalo also leveled… His Maximum Hit Points is now 36, and he received another KI POINT… Also, instead of increasing my ABILITY POINTS, I took the FEAT ‘ALERT’, which adds +5 to my INITIATIVE Roll, and he can no longer be SURPRISED,” spoke Mike.

“Alright, that’s it for now, lets continue,” spoke Johnny.

After the battle the next thing we needed to do was listen to the door, and pull the bodies into the hallway…

After we moved the bodies, Z listened at the door.

“Can’t hear anything,” he said.

“Z, Chi, Thalo you go in first,” I (Ren) replied.

Z nodded, then opened the door.

Inside was a 50′ x 50′ room, with a large chair near the north wall, and four HOBGOBLINS, who were not pleased to see us.

Thalo leaped into action taking two blows at one of them, first with his Staff, then his Fist, but the Hobgoblin was able to avoid them.

Chi released an arrow, but the Hobgoblin blocked it with his shield.

Chi then moved out of the doorway, allowing the rest of the Party to enter the chamber.

Three of the Hobgoblins then released their longbows at Chi, all hitting him…

…and the 4th struck Thalo with his sword.

Out of nowhere Z came at two of the Hobgoblins with his Rapiers, killing the first with one, and wounding the second with the other.

Thalo then finished the wounded one with a kick to head.

Stryke then gashed one of the remaining Hobgoblins with her battle axe.

Chi drew back his bow once more, “VENTORES MARCAM,” and a blue glow appeared above the other remaining Hobgoblin, and launched an arrow into its’ forehead.

The last Hobgoblin, barely alive, crawled towards the door.

Suddenly Z was upon him, and pulled down his mask revealing the fact that he was a Blu Hob (Half Blue Orc, Half Hobgoblin).

“Now you listen to me…” Z spoke in his native Goblin tongue, “You’re going to tell us exactly what we want to know…” he spoke with a hiss.

The Hobgoblin scared out of his mind nodded in agreement.

“Here,” spoke Laris, who kneeled down by the Hobgoblin, “I need to bandage this wound, or there won’t be a Hobgoblin alive to intimidate.”

Meanwhile Chi pulled out the three arrows from his body, and Z handed him a HEALING POTION to drink, which healed some of the wounds.

As they interrogated the Hobgoblin, Thalo guarded the East Entrance, and Stryke guarded the West Entrance, where they came in.

“First of all, where’s the Warlord TORBALOY…” spoke Z…

…but the Hobgoblin did not answer.

“He’s terrified,” spoke Laris.

I looked at Z, “We don’t have time for this, tie it up, gag it, and put it behind the large chair with the 3 bodies.”

“If they find him, he’ll tell them exactly whose here,” spoke Thalo.

“Don’t speak a word about us, or we will find you,” spoke Z to the Hobgoblin in Goblin.

The Hobgoblin frantically shook his head.

“Someone’s coming,” spoke Thalo.


“And we’ll end it there for this week,” spoke Johnny.


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