Magic And Light (The Adventures Of Ren) – Chapter XVII


Magic And Light

CAMPAIGN 2 – ‘The Adventures Of Ren’

by DarkJade

(Check Out Campaign 1 HERE)


I – Return To Jor – II – Laris – III – Dwarfport – IV – Blu Hob – V – Session 10 – VI – Thalo – VII – Woods Of Fairelight – VIII – Welcome To Tru – IX – Chimera – X – Session 11 – XI – Into The Mountains – XII – Hobgoblin Lair – XIII – Ettin – IV – Level 4 – XV – Session 12 – CHAPTER XVI – Forks In The Road

CHAPTER XVII – Helmed Horror

“BACK HERE!” Laris yells, before her is a Golden Knight (Helmed Horror), but where its’ face and hands should be, is glowing red flame.

“DIVINUS FAVENT…” she speaks, as she draws her Long Sword, with this her sword glows green, “MAGIC WILL HURT IT MORE!”

Z and Thalo hold their attacks, unable to see it yet.

Chi on the other hand, “VENATORES MARCAM” speaks the familiar words of ‘Hunters Mark’, causing a blue glow to go above its’ head, which only Chi can see.

He draws back his arrow, but can’t get a clear shot past other Party Members.

Kinner raises his hand, “NUBES AUTEM PUGIONIBUS…” his hand glows yellow, and a Cube of Glowing Yellow Daggers appear spinning around the Golden Knight.

Laris swings her glowing long sword at the Knight, but it deflects it with one of its’ swords.

“CHROMATIC ORBIS!” I speak, creating a ball of fire and hurl it at it, but it deflects it as well.

Meanwhile, the Party is backing up into the cave, so that all of the Party Members can have access to the Knight who follows them in.

Stryke, however, goes into a RAGE, and her eyes turn light blue once more, taking on the appearance of a Wolves Eyes, and her brown hair turns grey as she Summons her Totem Spirit…

Suddenly Kinner’s spinning daggers start to slash as the Knight as he moves forward…

…The Gold Knight swings one of its’ swords at Laris, but she avoids it…

…then swings its’ second sword at Stryke, and strkes her, but because of her Rage she barely feels it.

Stryke then becomes RECKLESS, and CHARGES the Gold Knight coming down on it with her Battle Axe…

…striking it across the chest, her axe seems to have a hard time penetrating it.

Thallo then goes at it striking it right in the head with his Quarter Staff, but it hardly reacts…

“Laris is right, it seems to resist non magical attacks,” he then kicks it in the head.

The Party out of the way, Z makes his move, striking it with one of his Rapiers…

Suddenly Kinner sees a second Gold Knight (Helmed Horror) enter from the Southern entrance.

“ANOTHER ONE!” he yells.

Z continues his assault on the first sticking it with both of his Rapiers.

“This thing doesn’t want to go down…” proclaims Z, slashing away.

Thalo helps Z…

…whacking it in the head with his Quarter Staff.

“Slowly but surely it’s getting weaker!” exclaims Thalo.

Chi’s bow string snaps, so he tosses his bow to the floor, and draws his 2 Short Swords.

The second Golden Knight comes at Kinner, whose taken up a Shield…

…it swings its first sword, but Kinner dodges it…

…but his second blade strikes Kinner gashing him badly.

Kinner clutching his side, slashes at it with his Rapier but misses.

Laris raises her glowing green sword above her head, “DIVNUS PERCUTIAT!” and a great white light fills the blade striking it down.

I look to the second Gold Knight, “PYTHONISSAM PRESSULUM!” I speak, and a beam of crackling Blue Energy strikes it in the chest, creating an Arc of Lightning between us, damaging it.

Z goes after the second one, striking it with one of his Rapiers.

Thalo goes at it with his Quarter Staff, but it blocks it with one of its’ swords.

Meanwhile Kinner places his hands upon his wound, “REMEDIUM PLAGUS…” and his hands glow yellow once more and heal most of his injury.

Chi goes after the remaining Gold Knight striking it with both of his Short Swords…

…causing the Gold Knight to shift his gaze at Chi, and strikes him with both of his blades…

…Chi falls to the ground, badly wounded.

Laris lunges forward bringing her glowing green blade down upon the Golding Knight and it flashes a white light once more, damaging it.

Meanwhile my Lightning Arc continues to damage the Knight…

…the Golden Knight staggers.

Stryke comes down upon it with her Battle Axe, but it deflects it with one of its’ swords.

Z contnues to stab at it, striking it with one of his Rapiers.

Thalo tries to strike it, but is deflected.

Kinner leaps to his feet and sticks the Gold Knight in the stomach with his Rapier.

And Chi gets up, still wounded, and strikes it as well.

The Knight falls to the ground, barely alive…

…but alive enough to strike Chi again, knocking him to the ground unconscious.

“DIE FOUL BEAST!” proclaims Laris who sticks her glowing green sword through it’s head, killing it.

Kinner then goes to Chi’s side, checks for a pulse, and finds a weak one… “REDEMEDIUM PLAGUS…” and once again his hands glow yellow, this time brighter…

…and Chi’s wounds partly heal, and his eyes open widely, “My god, am I dead…” he speaks.

Kinner slaps Chi’s cheek slightly, “No my friend… You are not.”

Laris then approaches and places her hand upon Chi, it goes green, and he heals more.

Still badly wounded, he looks better.

PICTURE CREDIT – Helmed Horror

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