Magic And Light (The Adventures Of Ren) – Chapter XXI


Magic And Light

CAMPAIGN 2 – ‘The Adventures Of Ren’

by DarkJade

(Check Out Campaign 1 HERE)


I – Return To Jor – II – Laris – III – Dwarfport – IV – Blu Hob – V – Session 10 – VI – Thalo – VII – Woods Of Fairelight – VIII – Welcome To Tru – IX – Chimera – X – Session 11 – XI – Into The Mountains – XII – Hobgoblin Lair – XIII – Ettin – IV – Level 4 – XV – Session 12 – XVI – Forks In The Road – XVII – Helmed Horror – XVIII – Unlikely Thief – XIX – Treasure – XX – Session 13

CHAPTER XXI – Order Of Greyborn

In the morning, I enter the tavern alone…

The rest of my Party was likely still asleep…

…I then saw Laris at the bar.

She is happiest when amongst people.

Suddenly three Tru Soldiers enter, two City Guard and another…

“Your presence is requested by Lord Mayor Shaymus,” spoke the third Soldier.

“My name is CAPTAIN ROGAR, I will escort you there,” he spoke.

I looked over at Laris who was now looking directly at me…

…I then went with the Soldiers.

Captain Rogar and his City Guard took me inside the great inner walls, which surround the homes of the Nobles, Tru’s Mage Tower, and the Duke’s Keep.

Once inside, we went to one of the Noble homes, and he took me into a large Study.

“Do you know who I am?” spoke a voice in the shadows, behind a large wooden desk…

…the figure then rose, and stepped into the light.

It was a man in his low 30’s, with slicked back black hair, and a thin mustache.

“I would guess… Lord Mayor Shaymus?” I replied.

“They say you were inside Warlord Torbaloy’s Lair, is this true?” he spoke as he stood before a great window.

“Yes…” I replied.

“But not for very long… We didn’t see the Silver Mines…” I added.

This got his attention, and he turned and looked at me.

“What did you see…” he spoke.

“My Lord… Tiden, of the Order of Greyborn seeks an audience with you, and this Wizard…” spoke a man who suddenly entered the chamber.

“So I’m not the only one whose heard of you…” replied Shaymus.


Meanwhile back at ‘The Gnoll’s Leg’ tavern, Z made his way down stairs…

…it didn’t take but one moment for him to see the three dark hooded figures intermixed amongst the tavern patrons.

Z nodded, and exited the tavern, the three figures followed him out…

…and in the shadows, Thalo followed them.

In Laris’s room, the rest of the Party has gathered.

“We shouldn’t have come back to Tru,” speaks Laris to Kinner, Chi and Stryke.

“Yeah, well, I’m not going down without a fight…” speaks Stryke as she downs an ale.

Suddenly a Black Raven swoops in through the window, and lands on Laris’s shoulder…

“It’s Ren’s Familiar,” speaks Laris.

In it’s claw, a note.

Meet me in the mountains near the Chimera’s Lair…


Laris looks at Stryke, “When Thalo, Z and I fight near you in your changed (RAGE) state, we feel stronger… Fiercer… Is that possible?”

Stryke smiles, “Oh, yes… My Spirit is aligned with Wolves… And when I RAGE, I exude it.”

Laris nods.

“We’ll head to the mountains, Thalo and Z will have to be on their own,” speaks Laris.

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