Magic And Light (The Adventures Of Ren) – Chapter XXIII


Magic And Light

CAMPAIGN 2 – ‘The Adventures Of Ren’

by DarkJade

(Check Out Campaign 1 HERE)


I – Return To Jor – II – Laris – III – Dwarfport – IV – Blu Hob – V – Session 10 – VI – Thalo – VII – Woods Of Fairelight – VIII – Welcome To Tru – IX – Chimera – X – Session 11 – XI – Into The Mountains – XII – Hobgoblin Lair – XIII – Ettin – IV – Level 4 – XV – Session 12 – XVI – Forks In The Road – XVII – Helmed Horror – XVIII – Unlikely Thief – XIX – Treasure – XX – Session 13 – XXI – Order Of Greyborn – XXII – Saya Of The Underlay

CHAPTER XXIII – Farewell Tru

As we approached the Chimera’s Lair, I found myself looking behind me for my Party…

My Raven had returned to me, and told me he’d delivered the message to Laris, Kinner and Stryke.

When we neared the Chimera, I approached Trider, “This is where I say goodbye my friend… I wish you, and your men well.”

He looked at me for a moment, then extended his arm, which I embraced with mine, “Thank you for your rough map of where you and your Party traveled, perhaps it will come in use.”

I then turned to Stremlen, “I bid you farewell as well.”

He stared at me for a moment, “Where to next Wizard…”

“In truth, I have not decided…” I spoke.

“Perhaps we’ll meet again,” he finished.

I half bowed, then parted.

I found a place to wait nearby, and in less then an hour later Laris, Kinner and Stryke arrived.

“Where are the rest?” I asked.

“Z and Thalo left the tavern before we received your note… Chi waited for them, and hopefully we’ll run into the three of them if we head back an hour or so…” explained Laris.

I nodded…

…and she was right, we ran into them in less than two hours…

“It’s time we leave the Tru Region…” I spoke.

The others agreed.

“But first, here’s your portion of the Treasure we seized in the Hobgoblin Lair,” I handed Stryke, Laris, Chi, Kinner and Thalo each a small sack, including primarily Silver, with a sprinkle of gems, and a small bit of gold.

“Where to next?” asked Kinner.

If we’re staying on Polus (The continent they’re in), then I thought we might head East to the City of Avador.

They all nodded, and we were off.


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