Magic And Light (The Adventures Of Ren) – Chapter XXIV


Magic And Light

CAMPAIGN 2 – ‘The Adventures Of Ren’

by DarkJade

(Check Out Campaign 1 HERE)


I – Return To Jor – II – Laris – III – Dwarfport – IV – Blu Hob – V – Session 10 – VI – Thalo – VII – Woods Of Fairelight – VIII – Welcome To Tru – IX – Chimera – X – Session 11 – XI – Into The Mountains – XII – Hobgoblin Lair – XIII – Ettin – IV – Level 4 – XV – Session 12 – XVI – Forks In The Road – XVII – Helmed Horror – XVIII – Unlikely Thief – XIX – Treasure – XX – Session 13 – XXI – Order Of Greyborn – XXII – Saya Of The Underlay – XXIII – Farewell Tru


We began our journey East to Avador, first through a small patch of the PLAINS OF ISRA, then into the LOTAY WOODS.

This excited Chi, once more, as he loves Forests and Woods.

“How do I do it… How do I last so far from home,” spoke Chi gleefully.

When we camped that night, we were approached by a Wood Elf Ranger called KAYEN…

He was a friendly sort, with purple eyes, white hair, and a pleasant smile… He offered to lead us to Avador should we like.

Chi felt good about it, so we accepted.

The next day we traveled a full day through the Lotay Woods, and camped once more on its’ Eastern outskirts.

We then traveled a bit more through the Isla Plains to the North East, before we reached the MOUNTAINS OF RHET.

The air began to cool quite a bit as we started up the mountains…

…Kayen said it will be snowy at the peaks, but we should be ok.

When we camped that night, we had a couple Bugbears come near the camp, but they were far out numbered, and so did not mess with us…

…also a Gnoll Scout seemed to be watching us, but we paid it no mind.

We spent our whole 4th day traveling Southward through the Rhet Mountains, without incident…

…Kayen definitely knew his way.

We camped in the mountains, and the next day we entered the Hilly Plains West of Avador…

…Kayen said we’d reach Avador before sun down, and he was right.

We thanked him for his help, but he would not accept any payment…

Avador was surrounded by multiple large wooden towers, and had a more Dwarvish/Barbaric feel to it.

Definitely more rustic.

My curiosity rose as we entered into the City…

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