Magic And Light (The Adventures Of Ren) – Chapter XXVII


Magic And Light

CAMPAIGN 2 – ‘The Adventures Of Ren’

by DarkJade

(Check Out Campaign 1 HERE)


I – Return To Jor – II – Laris – III – Dwarfport – IV – Blu Hob – V – Session 10 – VI – Thalo – VII – Woods Of Fairelight – VIII – Welcome To Tru – IX – Chimera – X – Session 11 – XI – Into The Mountains – XII – Hobgoblin Lair – XIII – Ettin – IV – Level 4 – XV – Session 12 – XVI – Forks In The Road – XVII – Helmed Horror – XVIII – Unlikely Thief – XIX – Treasure – XX – Session 13 – XXI – Order Of Greyborn – XXII – Saya Of The Underlay – XXIII – Farewell Tr – XXIV – Kayen – XXV – Session 14 – XXVI – The Streets Of Avador


As I sat alone in the tavern that night, I began to feel regret about the Hobgoblin Lair.

Not that we had killed, and plundered…

Rather that, perhaps, we had ‘stirred the hornets nest’, and left it to others to deal with.

Z arrived at the table, “How’s it going Ren.”

I didn’t reply right away.

“I feel like we should have finished what we started at the Hobgoblin Lair…” I replied.

“I realize we would have needed help, but  leaving it to others to deal with…” I concluded.

“Tru was heading in that direction already… That’s why they were hiring people to slay the Chimera… The Hobgoblins, and Warlord Torbaloy were next,” Z assured me.

And he’s right…

…but somehow, I regretted taking the first blow, then leaving.

Those Clerics are not like the Lord Mayor Shayman, who appears to be primarily interested in claiming the Silver Mine within the Lair as his own.

They were honorable men, risking their lives.

I can’t say much about the Swordsmen of Tru.

Kinner joins us…

“Morning mates…” he spoke, then gestured for the barmaid, “Food gents?”

Z and I both nodded, and so he ordered.

“What’s the news?” Kinner spoke playfully, but quickly realized the mood was a bit more serious.

I explained my feelings to Kinner.

“I see what you mean… We chose a life of Adventure, and you’re finding a sense of responsibility is tagging along with you,” he spoke most wise.

“Yes… I suppose so” I replied.

Suddenly three Dwarves enter the tavern speaking loudly, “Yup… Tru reclaimed the Hobgoblin Lair of Torboloy, but the Warlord escaped,” he proclaimed.

Many approached him to speak about the news.

“What do you know about that,” spoke Chi as he approached, and sat at the table.

“There yah go Ren, they succeeded,” spoke Z and patted me on the shoulder.

But this didn’t make me feel any better…

…What about the Silver Dragon Lara X.

I noted Kayen, the Wood Elf Ranger who lead us here, at the bar, and approached him.

“Do you know of Lara X…” I spoke.

Kayen turned and faced me, “I do… The Silver Dragon of the Mountains North of Tru… Her mother is powerful… Very renowned…”

“Then you know the Warlord Hobgoblin Torbaloy seized her Lair…” I added.

Kayen paused… “I did not.”

My Party entered the Lair for our own reasons, I hadn’t known of her until Z told us when we were inside.

“Is she dead then?” questioned Kayen.

“I do not know… But Tru has retaken the mine, and I find myself wondering, is she still alive…” I explained.

“You want to convince the Leaders of Tru to give the Lair back to her?” replied Kayen.

“I’m not sure that’s possible… But I’d like to find out if she’s still alive,” I replied.

Kayen nodded… “I will go with you.”


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