Magic And Light (The Redemption Of Ren) – Chapter I


On January 12th This Year, I Began A Story (Blog Series) About A 14 Year Old Boy Named Johnny, Who Invited Four Friends Over, And His Sister, To Their Surprise, To Play ‘Dungeons & Dragons’

He’d Recently Learned How To Dungeon Master D & D (Dungeons And Dragons) 5e (The 5th Edition), And Wanted To Give It A Go…

Two Of His Friends Had Played RPG’s (Roleplaying Games), Where The Others Had Not…

This Lead To A 47 Chapter (Short Chapters) Campaign, Called ‘The Journey Of Zahn’ (Which You Can Check Out HERE) Where I Go In And Out Between The Characters In The Story, And The Players Playing The Characters In The Game…

At The End Of Chapter 47, Ren (The Tiefling Wizard Played By Connor, One Of Johnny’s Friends), Decided It Was Time For Him To Part Ways…

Which Lead Us To CAMPAIGN 2, ‘The Adventures Of Ren’ (Which you can also find HERE, below Campaign 1)

Through His Adventures, Ren Ran Head To Head With A Need For Purpose, And So He’s Beginning This Quest With Redemption


Magic And Light


The Redemption Of Ren

by DarkJade

CHAPTER I – Parting Ways

“Are you mad?” spoke Chi.

Our group, and Kayen had gathered in one of our Inn rooms.

“We’re Adventurers, not crusaders…” added Chi.

“I’m afraid I must agree with Chi,” interjected Stryke.

“You’re right… And my need to do this is my own,” I replied.

“I will join you,” spoke Laris.

“I had disease with it from the beginning, and once I heard of Lara X, I felt more inclined to finding out if she still lived, than finding treasure,” added Laris.

“But, I”m also a Paladin…” she concluded.

“Kayen will lead me back, only those who wish to go, can go… When I know anything, I will send word to those who stay here in Avador,” I added.

“I’ll go… It feels right to investigate the matter,” spoke Z.

“I will not go,” replied Stryke.

“I’m not going, and i’m not sure I”m going to wait for you here either…” spoke Chi.

“Will you return to Jor?” asked Kinner.

“I’m considering it,” replied Chi.

Kinner stepped towards Ren, “I must accompany you Ren… I am lead by great deeds, and this is one.”

Thalo looked perplexed.

“There are matters in my life I must face…” he spoke.

“For now I will remain in Avador, where they may remedy themselves…” finished Thalo.

“Do you want me to aid you?” questioned Z.

Thalo placed a hand on Z’s shoulder, “No my friend… Aid Ren.”

“I’m sorry for this Chi…” I spoke, then headed to my room.


“Because of this split in the Party, we need to figure out some things…” spoke Johnny (The Dungeon Master) to the Group of Players.

“I’m actually going to half to stop playing for a while…” spoke Rodger, who played our Rogue Z.

“Ok,” replied Johnny.

“I can take over Z,” spoke Mike, who Plays Thalo, our Dragonborn Monk.

“I have other plans for you Mike,” replied Johnny.

Mike nodded.

“Trevor, Lisa, would one of you like to Play Kayen?” Johnny asked.

“I’ll Play him,” replied Trevor, who was playing Chi.

“I’m going to take over Z for now, if that’s alright?” Johnny asked Roger.

“Yeah, that’s fine…” replied Rodger, but he didn’t seem all that pleased.

“Or would you rather he left the Party for now?” spoke Johnny.

“Nah, it’s okay, just attached, and bummed about leaving,” replied Rodger.

“So that leaves you Lisa… Now that I think of it, I have an idea for you as well, you and Mike meet with me after the Session,” concluded Johnny.

They both nodded.

“We are now officially starting, Campaign 3!” spoke Johnny.

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