Magic And Light (The Redemption Of Ren) – Chapter II


Magic And Light

(Find Campaign 1 & 2 On My Magic And Light Page HERE)


The Redemption Of Ren

by DarkJade

CHAPTER I – Parting Ways

CHAPTER II – Westward

It was difficult parting ways with Chi, Strkye and Thalo…

Especially Chi, as we’ve been traveling together since we signed on to Zahn’s Journey.

Kinner is still with me, but seems more focused on telling Great Tales through song for the most part.

Z’s just a good guy, and Kayen I only met a hand full of days ago.

But Laris…

Laris seems to be here for me…

…though I’m not quite sure what that means.

A Tiefling Wizard, and a Human Paladin, doesn’t seem all that likely.

And settling down in love isn’t exactly what I’m looking for right now…

I look at her…

…and she turns to me and smiles.

But I can’t exactly say I don’t like having her around.

As we parted, Kayen (Wood Elf Ranger) lead the way…

I have to admit, he is the most naturally gifted Ranger I’ve ever come upon.

Behind him is Kinner (Drow/Dark Elf Bard), playing his fiddle…

“To Destiny’s…

We Did Not Know

Through Rocky Mountains…

Full Of Snow…”

Laris (Human Paladin) and I (Tiefling Wizard) were behind him, with Z (Blu Hob (Half Blue Orc Half Hobgoblin) Rogue) behind us.

A smaller Party than I had grown accustomed to, but still a decent sized one.

On the way out we saw a single Orc Scout, but he did not approach or seem to care about us…

And that night, as a deep snow fell down upon us, 2 Gnolls came near our camp, but also did not approach, and soon were gone.

The ‘Locals’ seemed to be watching the road we took, but nothing more.

The same night of camp, 2 Goblins were watching us as well…

…but they too moved on.

On the second day we reached the Lotay Woods by nightfall, where we had met Kayen 4 or 5 days before, and while he was on watch, 2 Wood Elves came to see him…

With this, we all woke, and the Wood Elves played their silver and wooden flutes, while Kinner joined in with his fiddle, and they all sung for quite sometime…

…a good and joyous night it was.

And during Day 3 of travel, as we made our way through the Lotay Woods, 3 more of the Local Wood Elves appeared, and embraced Kayen.

He had lived here for quite some time, and aided in the protection of their woods.

Day 4 was quiet, as we departed from Lotay, and made our way North West up the Plains of Isla.

The 5th Day was quiet as well, as we continued across the Plains…

…however on the 2nd Watch that night, which was Kayen and Z on guard, Kayen sensed something to the East, and made his way out into the darkness.

It was a Gnoll Hunting Party, three Gnolls in total.

Just as he thought they were going to pass, one of them stopped, and looked in his direction.

With this Kayen stood and waved his arms about, “GO!” he yelled in the Gnoll language.

The Gnolls looked at one another, and decided to move on.

When Kayen returned to the camp, Z was staring at him.

“Go?” Z spoke with a half smile.

Kayen shrugged and smiled.


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