Magic And Light (The Redemption Of Ren) – Chapter III


Magic And Light

(Find Campaign 1 & 2 On My Magic And Light Page HERE)


The Redemption Of Ren

by DarkJade

CHAPTER I – Parting Ways – CHAPTER II – Westward

CHAPTER III – Session 15

And so we gathered for Session 15…

Ralph, who played our Rouge Z, wasn’t going to be coming for now, so Johnny, our Dungeon Master was going to play him.

Trevor, who was playing Chi, was going to take over Kayen for Johnny…

And Lisa and Mike, Johnny planned something for, but I don’t know what.

“Lets get playing,” spoke Johnny.

On the 6th Day of travel, the Party reaches the mountains North East of Tru, and begin their assent.

A whipping snow storm hinders their vision, but Kayen is able to lead the way.

As it nears the nightfall, which is near impossible to tell because of the snow and ice, they reach the peak of their first mountain…

Kayen brings the Party to a halt.

He looks back at me, and waves me to the front.

“A Stone Giant,” he speaks.

I do my best to try to see him, and he is huge…

…maybe 17 to 18 feet tall, some 150 feet away.

Unfortunately Chi was the only one in our Party who spoke the Giant Language.

Not that, that would necessarily help.

“We can try to go by it… It’s going in and out of its’ cave… They’re pretty reclusive creatures,” spoke Kayen.

I nod.

Sadly, Thalo could have Cast his Monk Black Smoke Chant (PASS WITHOUT A TRACE), but he, like Chi, is not with us.

As we try to go around the Stone Giant, it sees us…

We sit perfectly still as it stares at us.

Kayen gestures for us to keep moving, and so we do.

It seems to begin to lose interest, but keeps its’ eyes upon us as we make our way.


That was almost as scary as being in that Young Red Dragon’s Lair (Clanculam Vermi), when I was traveling with Zahn.

When we set up camp that night, 2 of Tru’s Scout Soldiers enter our camp while Kayen and Z are on guard.

“May we share your fire… Can’t seem to keep ours lit,” speaks one of them to Kayen.

Kinner and I wake, and I approach them.


“Can I do an ‘INSIGHT’ Check?” I (Connor) ask Johnny (Dungeon Master).

“Sure,” he replies.

I Roll a 12, plus my +1 WISDOM Modifier, for a total of 13.

Not too bad.

“They seem too cold to care about any agendas they might have right now,” replies Johnny.

“You can stay,” I (Ren) tell the Scouts.

In the morning, we eat, and I question them, “What are you doing so far North East of Tru?”

They look at one another.

“Has it to do with the recent capturing of the Hobgoblin Lair?” adds Laris.

“Uh,” one of them starts to speak, but the other stops him.

“Perhaps A Lovely Song Would Help Persuade You,” sings Kinner, a yellow glow passes over the 2 Scout Soldiers.

“Yes… That is why,” one of them bursts, as if in a trance from Kinner’s singing.

“As a measure of protecting the Lair, or are you searching for Warlord Torbaloy?” questions Laris.

“Both,” the other Scout Soldier replies.

“A dangerous line of work,” speaks Kayen with a smile.

They nod.

We feed them well, then move on.

As we continue North East into the mountains, we come across a Party of 2 Adventurers.

One in robes, with a staff…

…the other hooded.

“Greetings…” speaks the robed man

“You’ve another traveling with you,” speaks Z.

Suddenly from the mask of the snow and ice steps another hooded Party Member.

They pull back their hood, and it’s a woman High Elf.

Alabaster skinned, with brown hair to her shoulders, and green eyes with gold specs in them.

“Hello there,” speaks Z, but hidden in his speech is the secretive ‘THIEVES CANT‘, and what he really says is “Are you a Thief?”

“Hello there,” she replies in the same ‘THIEVES CANT’, and what she says is yes, me and the other hooded belong to the Thieves of Underlay Guild, the robed is a Mage.

“Thieves of the Underlay… The robed one however is a Mage,” Z speaks to the Party.

“Greetings,” I speak, and the girl bows a bit.

The other hooded figure does not pull down their hood.

“I am ADIS… We’re searching for the Hobgoblin Warlord, Torbaloy,” she speaks.

“I have met with your Leader/Master, Saya… She is exceptional,” speaks Z.

Adis nods again, “Yes… Yes she is.”

“This is a dangerous area… There’s a FROST GIANT that has been terrorizing the mountain villages near here,” she explains.

“The 8 of us could probably kill it… Put an end to its’ treachery.” she adds.

I pause…

“I can’t right now… There’s something I half to do,” I explain.

“No problem… But should you–” she says, then looks at Z, “–Or ‘any’ of you change your mind (‘s), success could lead to ‘other’ opportunities,” she finishes.

Mixed in her words, is the ‘THIEVES CANT’ language, and what she says to Z is, “If you help us defeat the Frost Giant, Saya has a special mission she’d like to offer you.”

Z nods, “Fare yee well, we must part,” but in ‘THIEVES CANT’ he says “I must finish my business with this Wizard, then I will be in touch.

The Party of 3 leaves, and we move on.


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