Magic And Light (The Redemption Of Ren) – Chapter IV


Magic And Light

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The Redemption Of Ren

by DarkJade

CHAPTER I – Parting Ways – CHAPTER II – Westward – CHAPTER III – Session 15

CHAPTER IV – Frost Giant

That night, we camped on a high Peak…

The weather was relentless, snow, ice, wind, there was virtually no visibility.

on 3rd Watch, Kinner worked away writing his songs, whilst Kayen kept a study eye and listen.

Suddenly, Kayen heard something, and got Kinner’s attention.

He gestured Kinner to wake the others, and disappeared out into the storm…

…When he came back, we were all awake, “Frost Giant,” he spoke in a gravely tone.

My mind froze as Kayen drew his bow and Z disappeared out into the storm to our right.

This was it.

Kayen released his bow into the darkness, and a large cry of anger could be heard as the Frost Giant, some 20 or so feet tall, with glacial blue skin, blue hair and eyes, appeared in camp baring to large Great Axes, one in each hand.

Suddenly, the two Rogues (Adis and Myth) and the Mage (Auros) from the Party earlier appeared.

Adis smiles at me, then moved towards the Frost Giant with Myth.

Suddenly Z appears from behind the Giant, slicing it badly with one of his Rapiers.

Next came the Rogue Assassin, Myth, who strikes it in the belly with their Poisoned dipped Dagger.

The Giant yells as the stings of the Rogues penetrate its’ thick skin…

Kayen then leaps at it, both Short Swords drawn, but is knocked out of the air by one of the Giants’ Great Axes, gashing him near death, he strikes the ground.

Kinner quickly reaches Kayen’s side, and Casts, “REMEDIUM LUX PLAGUS,” and a bright yellow glow goes over Kayen’s body, healing him a bit.

Kinner then begins to sing…

“Struck Down By Fiend… He Will Prevail… Beware The Paladin’s Sword”

And a Yellow Glow goes over Laris as she raises her Long Sword, “DIVINUS PERCUTIAT!” and it glows Brightly Green as she comes down upon the Giant…

…striking its’ leg.

Then with his Second Great Axe, the Frost Giant strikes at Laris, but she throws up her Shield just in time…

…but it knocks her to her knees.

Adis then appears, and strikes out with her Rapier, but misses…

…she then disappears back into the storm.

My hands Glow Red, “CHROMATI ORBIS,” and a larger than normal Orb of Fire appears in my hands, but as I’m about to throw it, I slip, and slide 40′ down the side of the mountain behind me.

Aurus then Summons the same Spell, “CHROMATI ORBIS,” but his is the normal 4′ Orb, he throws it but the Frost Giant is able to avoid it.

Z moves in, his Rapiers blaring, but the Frost Giant is remarkably nimble, and avoids the blows.

Kayen then stands, draws his bow, and shoots, striking the Giant in the shoulder.

Laris then leaps in front of Kayen…

…and the Frost Giant strikes her with his first Great Axe…

…and she’s knocked down, crumpled to the ground, badly wounded, but her Sword Lights up once more as she swings at his arm, “DIVINIUS PERCUTIAT!” badly wounding it, he drops that arm’s Great Axe…

…and in his Rage he strikes the Paladin (Laris) with his Second Great Axe, crushing her underneath her Shield…

…she stops breathing.

“LARIS! NO!” yells Kinner, who steps forward, Singing once more, tears running down his cheek…

“Though Struck Down, She Will Arise, By My Sound, My Voice Denies”

With this a Yellow Glow goes over Z, ‘INSPIRING’ him.

Kinner than raises his hand which glows Yellow, “REMEDIUM LUX PLAGUS!” he speaks, and a Yellow Glow covers Laris’s crumpled body, and she begins to breathe…

Her Shield destroyed, she casts it aside, but she’s still badly wounded.

Myth goes at the Giant again, sticking her Poisoned Dipped Dagger in its’ back, and with this the Giant is starting to look a bit wobbly.

Meanwhile I Cast, “FUNEM ARTIBUS,” and a 60′ Rope appears above me, and I start climbing it until I reach the Peak once more.

Adis reappears, but she can’t get to the Giant, and disappears again into the storm.

Auros then Summons, “CHROMATI ORBIS,” another 4′ Ball of Fire, and hurls it directly into the Frost Giant’s face.

The Giant yells, brushing it from his eyes, whilst staggering backwards.

Z then leaps through the air, plunging one of his Rapiers into its’ belly…

…and Kayen releases one last Fatal shot in between the Giants Eyes…

…and it falls back off the Peak to its’ death.


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