Magic And Light (The Redemption Of Ren) – Chapter V


Magic And Light

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The Redemption Of Ren

by DarkJade

CHAPTER I – Parting Ways – CHAPTER II – Westward – CHAPTER III – Session 15 – CHAPTER IV – Frost Giant

CHAPTER V – The Loot

“Wow!” I (Conner) yell as I stand from the game.

“Nice job Barry!” says Trevor, as he stands up and slaps Barry (Who Plays Kinner, The Party’s Bard) a high five.

“That was crazy…” speaks Lisa.

“Wow…” I was like crushed,” speaks Stacy (Who Plays Laris, The Paladin).

“Ok, lets continue,” speaks our Dungeon Master Johnny.

It wasn’t until the Frost Giant fell back off the Peak that I (Ren) caught sight of Laris, crumpled on the ground, alive, but badly wounded, in Kinner’s arms.

Adis rushed to her, and fed her a ‘HEALING POTION’, but even so, she was still badly hurt.

I quickly made my way to her, and looked into her eyes, mine were tearing up, “I fell off the mountain,” I spoke without thinking.

She laughed, though it hurt.

“Probably for the best, or you would have seen the Giant crush me underneath my shield…” she replied.

Kinner was holding her tight, like he wasn’t going to let go…

…it was the first time I saw him truly getting emotional as opposed to working on his next song.

“It’s alright buddy,” came Z’s calming, gravely voice as he placed a hand on Kinner’s shoulder, “You saved her.”

With this Kinner reduced his hold a bit, “Yeah,” he replied.

“Is Kayen alright…” spoke Laris.

“He took quite a blow…” she added.

Meanwhile Adis was now giving Kayen a ‘HEALING POTION’ as well.

“Thank you Adis…” Kayen spoke, as his wounds healed up a bit more.

I (Ren) stood and looked at Adis,”You were right…”

With this Adis stood, a bit perplexed.

“The 8 of us could beat the Frost Giant,” I added.

We rested there for a while, eating, drinking.

Z had gone down and checked to make sure the Giant was dead, and found it with Kayen’s arrow stuck between its’ eyes.

“It was dead before it struck the ground,” Z spoke as he returned, tossing a look over at Kayen, “Nice shot, right between the eyes.”

“I fear I didn’t get one hit on it,” spoke Adis.

“It all happened so quickly,” added Kinner.

It was extremely noticeable that Thalo and Stryke weren’t in the fight, Laris was left as our only real Defender.

Strykes ‘SPIRIT BEAST’ Effect made our Melee much more Fierce, and boy could she take a hit.

“What now,” spoke Kinner.

“I know where the Frost Giant’s Lair is…” spoke Adis.

Z gave a sleight smile.

“Lets do it,” he replied.

Leaving Laris, Kayen, Auros, Kinner and myself behind, Myth, Adis and Z went to the Frost Giant’s Cave.

When they returned, each one had a sack of 300 Gold, and Z handed me a VIAL, a SCROLL and a YELLOW DIAMOND.

“We’ve got 900 Gold between us, but there’s much more in the Cave,” he explained.

After the ‘SHORT REST’ we took while they were gone, Laris and Kayen were feeling much better, so we all made our way to the Cave.

Once divided, each of us had 375 Gold, 750 Silver (Which we’d have to have Adis and her Party take into Tru for us, because we don’t have horses), 16 Platinum Pieces (They gave me 18, as there were 2 extra), 700 Copper, which we left, and 3 Gems, which I had Adis keep, as she used 2 ‘HEALING POTIONS’ on my Party.

The Vial, Scroll and Yellow Diamond they gave to me to determine what they were, and to keep.

As Magic is my thing, I accepted.

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