Magic And Light (The Redemption Of Ren) – Chapter VI


Magic And Light

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The Redemption Of Ren

by DarkJade

CHAPTER I – Parting Ways – CHAPTER II – Westward – CHAPTER III – Session 15 – CHAPTER IV – Frost Giant – CHAPTER V – The Loot

CHAPTER VI – Cyclops

After we divided the loot, we parted ways with Adis, Myth and Auros…

Because they had horses, we had them take our Silver into Tru for us…

…We’d collect it later.

Adis gave a long look to Z as she left, and he knew, she’d be in touch about the Mission for Saya.

Kayen told us that we were about a day and a half from the once ‘Hobgoblin Lair’, now captured by the City of Tru.

By late afternoon, we reached two of the mountains surrounding the Lair.

The storm was still bad, and at some point Kayen stopped.

“There’s some men ahead,” he spoke.

Z snuck ahead, then returned.

100′ ahead there are 6 Soldiers of Tru,” he explained.

“How should we proceed?” I questioned.

“It depends… I don’t think they will let us in the Lair, if that’s what you were wanting to do,” spoke Z.

“Perhaps you Ren, Z and Kayen should sneak by them, and investigate the Lair,” spoke Laris.

“Kinner and I are not as light on our feet,” she concluded.

I looked at Z and Kayen who both nodded, “Alright.”

We did our best to sneak by the Soldiers, but one of them saw Kayen, “Go, I’ll lose them,”…

…and he separated from us.

Z and I continued, until we had a straight and clear path to the Lair.

We made our way into the cavern, and down the two familiar flights of stairs.

Suddenly Kayen appeared behind us.

“That was easier than I thought it would be,” he spoke.

Kayen then closed his eyes, “Let me try and sense the Dragon if she’s still here and alive,” he spoke.

“You can do that?” spoke Z, but I shooshed him.

A faint blue glow went over Kayen, then his eyes opened, “Yup, she’s still here, and alive.”

“It’s called ‘PRIMEVAL AWARENESS‘, it’s something us Rangers pick up on as we develop our Skills. Only works on certain Creatures, Dragons being one of them,” he added.

We searched out many of the rooms, blood stains from the battle that must have occurred between the Tru Soldiers and Clerics, and the Hobgoblins, Ogres, Goblins and Ettins of the Lair, all about…

Perhaps it’s better I wasn’t here for that.

We reached a hallway outside a large room, and Kayen brought us to a halt.

“There’s something in the next room,” he spoke.

Z nodded, then went Stealthily forward to take a look.

It was a 70′ by 40’ Trophy Room, filled with slain Beasts…

…from Sabertoothes, to Dire Wolves, to even a Cyclops…

Z went back to the hallway where we waited.

“They’re dead…” he spoke.

Kayen shook his head no.

So Z took it a step further, stealthing back into the room…

…he went from Beast to Beast trying to hear if any of them were breathing.

But he couldn’t detect anything.

He made his way back to us once more.

“Either we should try to sneak through the room, or we need to bring Laris and Kinner in here with us,” spoke Z.

“That won’t be necessary,” spoke the familiar voice of Dreyha (An Elven Druid Ren, Kinner and Chi traveled with in the Campaign 1 Story) from behind them.

They turned to look and a black haired, yellow eyed Wood Elf Druid in green attire stood behind them.

“Dreyha!” I whispered enthusiastically, then hugged her.

“She’s not alone,” another familiar voice came from the shadows behind them, it was Zahn (From Campaign 1, “The Journey Of Zahn”).

Stepping into the low light was a Golden Chainmail wearing Cleric, with blond hair, blue eyes, and a white trimmed blue Shield, with a Yellow Sun in the middle of it.

We arm embraced, then all moved further from the entrance in to the room, so that we could speak.

“Zahn, how is it possible?” I questioned.

“Chi came to see me, and Dreyha and I traveled to The Green Tower, where the High Druid Jarothh allowed us to use their Teleportation Circle…” he explained.

“I, don’t know what to say,” I replied.

“This is Z, our Rogue,” I spoke.

“A Blu Hob…” Zahn spoke, then reached out to shake his hand.

“You must be one hell of a Rogue,” Zahn added.

“And this is Kayen,” I spoke.

“Ranger,” Kayen spoke as he shook Zahn’s hand.

“This is Dreyha, of the Green Tower of Galdur,” spoke Zahn.

Dreyha bowed slightly.

“What are you doing here Zahn?” I asked.

“Protecting a Silver Dragon’s Lair, seemed like a noble cause… I felt inclined to aid you if I could,” Zahn explained.

“We need to move…” spoke Z.

“TRANSIET SINE AUTEM VESTIGIUM,” spoke Dreyha, and a green glow passed over all of them.

“This should guise us as we go through that room…” she explained.

…”As you are correct, there is a living Creature in there…” she added.

“The Cyclops.”


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