Magic And Light (The Redemption Of Ren) – Chapter VII


Magic And Light

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The Redemption Of Ren

by DarkJade

CHAPTER I – Parting Ways – CHAPTER II – Westward – CHAPTER III – Session 15 – CHAPTER IV – Frost Giant – CHAPTER V – The Loot – CHAPTER VI – Cyclops


With Dreyha’s Spell we were able to move through the room undetected by the Cyclops…

Out of four possible exits, Dreyha felt we should go through the Eastern door…

…20′ in, it lead to a large 50′ by 110′ room, with a raised area.

At the back of the raised area was a large black velvet curtain…

…Dreyha gestured towards the curtain.

Z, meanwhile, had become distracted by the beautiful tapestries on the walls…

…then disregarded it.

He moved towards the curtain, then stood perfectly still.

“You’d Best Come In, Being You Came All This Way…” came a beautiful, yet deep female voice.

…it was her… LARA X.

We looked at one another, then stepped through the curtain.

Beyond it was a beautiful 30′ by 50′ chamber…

And sitting towards the far end of the room was Lara X, a 20′ long Silver Dragon, amongst piles of silver and gold, and a Chest on top.

I step forward and bow slightly, “Lara X?”

“Indeed,” she replies.

“We didn’t know if the Hobgoblins, or the Tru Soldiers had slain you…” I added.

“Torbaloy (The Hoblgoblin Warlord) Let me be, in exchange for the rest of the Lair…” she explained.

“And The Soldiers Of Tru, Like The Hobgoblins, Never Went Beyond The Cyclops Chamber… Wise I Think,” she added.

“Why Have You Come Wizard…” She questioned.

“This is your Lair… Your… Home… I will do my best to persuade the Lord Mayor of Tru to pull out his Soldiers…” I explained.

“What Is Your Name…” she says, almost appearing to smile.

“Ren…” I reply.

“I Have Something For You Ren…” she speaks.

“Come To Me…” she finishes.

I step forward, and she looks down at the chest, where there is a beautiful Purple Stoned Amulet, on a Silver Chain, laying over it.

“Take It…” she says, the warmth of her breath upon me.

I pick up the Amulet, “Why are you giving this to me?”

“Because You Are My Friend…” she speaks.

We left the Lair, and approached the Soldiers of Tru guarding the pass between the Lair and where Laris and Kinner were waiting.

Zahn stepped forward, “I am Zahn of the Order of Apollo,” he spoke.

The guards, hands on their sword handles, looked at one another.

“Two of our friends are beyond you, and we needs retrieve them.

Zahn was able to get the Soldiers of Tru to allow us to get our friends, and another set of Guards to let us through the Southern passageway which would lead us to Tru.

As we began our travel, Laris looked at Zahn, “So you’re Zahn…”

Zahn looked at her.

“Ren speaks about you often,” she added.

We made our way to Tru, where before anything else, we would retrieve our Silver from Adis in the Underlay.

“I’ll get us our Silver,” spoke Z, who headed to the Underlay Thieves Guild secret entrance, as he had been through it when we were last in Tru.

I nodded, then decided to visit several Horse Selling Stables, where at last I spoke to a reasonable Seller, and we as a Party purchased 5 Horses.

Mine was Grey, Kinner’s Brown and White, Laris’s was Blond, Kayen’s White, and we got one for Z as well, which was Brown.

With the money we got from defeating the Frost Giant, it was a sensible purchase, as we’d been traveling on foot.

90 Gold a piece for the Horses.

We then made our way to Lord Mayor Shaymus’s large home, beyond the walls that protected the Homes of the Nobles, the Mage Tower of Tru, and the Keep of the Duke of Tru.

Once at the Lord Mayor’s home, he let us straight in.

“We meet again,” he spoke, standing at the window behind his desk.

Zahn looked at me, and I nodded…

…he then stepped forward, “I am Zahn, a Cleric of Apollo…”

The Lord Mayor looked at him, not appearing impressed, “And…”

“We would humbly request that you remove the Soldiers of Tru from the mountain passes to the North, leading to the Lair of Lara X.

“Lara X… We captured that Lair from the Hobgoblin Warlord, Torbaloy… The Lair is the property of Tru… I would ask all of you to stay away from it…” replied the Lord Mayor.

I stepped forward, “I’m afraid that isn’t possible… We appreciate your time Lord Mayor Shaymus, but we will take this matter up further with the Duke of Tru,” I turned, and all of us started to leave.

“Wait… Wait… That may not be necessary,” spoke the Lord Mayor, a bit unnerved.


Meanwhile Z enters the Chamber of Saya, the Leader of the Underlay Thieve’s Guild of Tru…

Adis approaches with two large sacks in her hands, and sets them before Z, “We exchanged your Silver for Gold, for ease of transport.”

Z nodded, and Adis left the chamber.

Saya stepped out of the shadows once more, and stood before Z, “Hello Z.”

Z bows slightly, “Saya.”

“Though it was not your intention to battle the Frost Giant I set as your test, in the end you did, and fought it well… So says Adis… And I am not surprised, the test was more of a ‘formality’, so that my Order did not feel I was showing you favoritism..” she explained.

“Favoritism?” Z replied.

“You have a special talent Z,” she spoke as she paced around him, “Not just as a Thief, but as a ‘being’. You don’t just steal, you’re honorable… Not always an easy trait to find amongst Thieves…”

“What is it that you want?” questioned Z.

“Two things really… I would like you to be my General… My, right hand man in this Order…” she explained.

Z seemed to shift uncomfortably.

“No rush… I’m just throwing truths on the table… But for now, I’d like to hire you to retrieve the twin of this blade,” with this she draws her SUN BLADE, a glowing yellow sword.

“If you do, my Order will not put up resistance when I appoint you my General…” she stood before him once more.

“And whether you accept, or not, you will be paid handsomely,” she finished.

She turns and walks back towards the shadows, “Think about it Z, and get back to me.”…

…she disappears.

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