Magic And Light (The Redemption Of Ren) – Chapter VIII


Magic And Light

(Find Campaign 1 & 2 On My Magic And Light Page HERE)


The Redemption Of Ren

by DarkJade

CHAPTER I – Parting Ways – CHAPTER II – Westward – CHAPTER III – Session 15 – CHAPTER IV – Frost Giant – CHAPTER V – The Loot – CHAPTER VI – Cyclops – CHAPTER VII – Lara X

CHAPTER VIII – Session 16

We gathered for our 16th Session…

The overall feeling of our 3rd Dungeons And Dragons Campaign so far has been somewhat Political.

By the Party entering the Hobgoblin Lair originally, we stirred the pot with Warlord Torbaloy, and the Hobgoblins…

…but by entering it the second time, and approaching the Lord Mayor of the City Tru, we’ve stirred the Political pot of Tru.

We all had our food, and were ready to begin playing once more.

“Lets begin,” spoke Johnny.

“The Duke is ill,” spoke Lord Mayor Shaymus.

“Currently it’s the MARQUISE DENANEN that I’m reporting to,” he added.

He looks at Zahn, “I’m assuming since your friend here is a ‘Cleric of Apollo’, you won’t consider receiving a portion of the Lair’s Silver Mine in order to buy your silence, an option…” he spoke.

We all just stared at him.

“Right… Well… Give me a day to think on this than…” he added.

“Alright…” I replied, and we left.

It was back to ‘The Gnoll’s Leg’ tavern for us, where Z was waiting.

“Here’s our coin… Adis converted it to Gold,” he handed me all but his portion of the Gold in two sacks.

I gave each of us a portion.

“I need to talk to you,” spoke Z to me.

So we got some rooms at the Inn portion of the tavern, and the two of us met in one of them.

He told me what Saya had offered him.

“Are yo going to do it?” I asked.

“I don’t know…” he replied.

“It’s an interesting opportunity, but…” he added.

“But…” I replied.

“What’s next for you Ren… After Lara X,” Z asked.

“I’m not sure…” I replied.

“Have you thought of finding a ‘home base’… Somewhere for us to be, between Adventures, Crusades, or whatever,” he asked.

“You know… Forming a Group?” he added.

…”Truthfully, I haven’t…” I replied.

Z gets up and walks towards the door, “I think you should… And if you do… I’ll join it.”

As Z left, Laris entered.

“What was that about…” she spoke, then sat in a chair near me.

“Complicated,” I replied, rubbing my head.

“I don’t think we can trust Shaymus…” Laris spoke.

“Yeah… I know,” I replied.

“No, I mean, I don’t think we’re safe here in the City…” she added.

With this I looked out the window of the room…

…several groups of Tru Swordsmen were standing around near the Inn.

I looked at Laris, “Perhaps you’re right.”

Deciding the Inn wasn’t necessarily the best place to be, Z took us to the secret entrance of  the Underlay Thieves Guild, after losing the trailing Tru Swordsman that is.

Lets just say, Saya was a bit surprised to see all of us…

…but when Z explained, she showed us to some quarters for our Party to spend the night, prior to meeting again with Lord Mayor Shaymus.

“You can’t trust Shaymus… No matter what he says,” spoke Saya before parting our company.

I looked at Laris, “This is a growing theme I think… Maybe we should go right to the Marquise tomorrow.”

Laris simply nodded.

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