Magic And Light (The Redemption Of Ren) – Chapter IX


Magic And Light

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The Redemption Of Ren

by DarkJade

CHAPTER I – Parting Ways – CHAPTER II – Westward – CHAPTER III – Session 15 – CHAPTER IV – Frost Giant – CHAPTER V – The Loot – CHAPTER VI – Cyclops – CHAPTER VII – Lara X – CHAPTER VIII – Session 16

CHAPTER IX – The Marquis

Once Z found us a path clear of Tru Swordsmen, we made our way to the Gates leading to the Houses of the Nobles…

…the Guards let us in, assuming we had come for our second meeting with Lord Mayor Shaymus, instead we made our way to the Home of the Marquis of Tru.


“How may I be of service…” spoke the very Royally dressed Marquis.

We explained the situation in whole, and before responding, the Marquis paused.

“I’ll take care of this,” he finally replied.

I’d done what I felt I could for Lara X, now it was time to leave Tru once more.

I approached Z, “Time for us to find a ‘Home’…”

And so it was back to Avador for now, where Thalo (Our Shadow Monk) and Stryke (Our Wolf Spirited Barbarian), may or may not have waited for us to return.

Z sent a note to Saya with one of her Underlay Thieves, telling her he had to pass on the General Position for now… But she could send the info. about the Sun Blade Mission to him in Avador.

She did one better…

She sent Adis with us to Avador.

Zahn and Dreyha on the other hand, requested the use of Tru’s Mage Tower Teleportation Portal, to return to the Teleportation Circle in Green Tower, Galdur.

The Marquis granted their request.

So it was Z, Laris, Kayen, Kinner, Adis and myself heading to Avador.

It was a 9 day journey back to Avador, and beside a few Orcs, Bug Bear and Goblins along the way, we made it back without a hitch.

Thalo and Stryke were still in Avador, waiting for us.

…it was good to see them.

Thalo still had things that might come our way from his previous life…

…but we’d be there to back him up.

I told Stryke how we nearly lost Laris to a Frost Giant without her Wolf Spirit to inspire our Melee in battle…

She was jealous that she’d missed the fight.

I also told them how we were going to make our Group ‘Official’, and find our selves a home base to operate from.

All were very excited…


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