Magic And Light (VIRIBUS: The Seekers Of Kai Lotay) – Chapter I


‘Magic And Light’ Is A Story About A Group Of Friends Who Got Together To Play Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, And The Campaigns They Play

(Campaigns, 1-3 Can Be Found HERE On My ‘Magic And Light’ Page!)


Magic And Light

by DarkJade



(The Seekers Of Kai Lotay)

CHAPTER I – The Shade Isles

And so after much debate/deliberation, we came up with a name for our now Official Adventuring Group.

‘VIRIBUS’… The Seekers of Kai Lotay.

Viribus is an Archaic word for ‘STRENGTH’.

And ‘Kai Lotay’ is the name of my home land ‘Kai’ (The Kai Islands Of Galdur), combined with the place Kayen had made his home, ‘Lotay’ (The Woods of Lotai, in Polus).

Campturing the birth place of our Party, somewhere between Galdur and Polus.

But enough of all that.

Our First Goal as a Group was to build us a Home Base, where is yet to be determined, which will either be a ‘GUILDHALL’, which would run us somewhere in the neighborhood of 5,000 to 7,000 Gold Pieces, and would basically be a room in a City somewhere where we would have our Group Meetings.

Or a ‘KEEP’, which would run us anywhere from 50,000 to 80,000 Gold.

Obviously the Guildhall would be much quicker (60 Days to build, give or take), and affordable…

…but in the long run, a Keep would be an actual Home (400 Days to build, give or take).

Putting that aside for the moment, our First opportunity for Vibris to generate some funds arrived in the form of a Scroll from Saya (Leader of the Underlay Thieves Guild, in Tru), ready by her disciple Adis, who had traveled with us to Avador.

“Greetings Z, And Comrades Of Z…

My Name is Saya…

I Am The Leader Of The Underlay Theives Guild of Tru, As Some Of You Already Know…

As I Discussed With Z, I Am In Need Of A Group To Seek Out The Twin Of My SUNBLADE Sword, Which Can Be Found In The ‘SHADE ISLES’, West Of Polus, Somewhere Around Two Weeks Travel Via Ship From Where You Are In AVADOR.

I Am Prepared To Pay 1,500 Gold Up Front, To Z, And 1,500 Gold More Upon Receipt Of The Blade.

My Desciple Adis Has The Initial 1,500 Gold With Her, Should You Accept My Offer.

The Shade Isles, Specifically The Middle Island Of 5, Was The Home Of A Cat People, And/Or Tigron Race Of People, But All That Remains Now Are The Ruins Of A Beautiful People, And The Soul Protector Of The Sunblade.

Perhaps You Are Wondering Why I Am Not Fetching The Blade On My Own…

The Tigron Shade Isle People Believe A ‘True Deserver’ Of The Blade, Is Not Only Individually Powerful, But Has The Ability To Find Another Worthy Enough To Seek Out The Blade In Their Behalf, And Trust That They Will Bring It To Them Once Retrieved.

Z, I Feel, Is Such A Worthy Individual, Deserving Of My Trust.

I’m Afraid This Is All I Can Tell You Of The Tigron Shade Isles People, Other Than Z Will Likely Face A, Or A Series Of, Difficult Challenges In The Retrieval Of It.


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