Magic And Light (VIRIBUS: The Seekers Of Kai Lotay) – Chapter II


Magic And Light

by DarkJade

(Campaigns, 1-3 Can Be Found HERE On My ‘Magic And Light’ Page!)



(The Seekers Of Kai Lotay)

CHAPTER I – The Shade Isles

CHAPTER II – Eye On The Prize

We’d decided to accept Saya’s offer to retrieve the SUNBLADE from the Shade Isles…

Adis gave Z the first 1,500 Gold, which would go directly towards our Groups Guildhall, or Keep, whichever we decide to build.

Laris did some research while we began our 2 weeks plus Ship Journey to the Shade isles…

…more specifically the middle, and/or 5th Island.

“The Champion who protects the Sunblade is named/called ‘PANTHEROS’…” she explained.

“Panatheros, makes sense, probably because they were ‘Tigron/Cat People’ who inhabited the Shade Isles…” spoke Kinner.

“Pantheros, like… Panther,” he added.

“Chances are you won’t be able to defeat him alone Z,” interjected Theros.

“If I have to, I will,” replied Z.

“It’s going to be a long time on a ship,” added Stryke, who has already begun drinking.

“Indeed,” replied Kayen.

And it was, but without incident.

15 days later we had reached the Shade Isles.

The Island itself was likely 8 days travel from one end to the other…

But we were heading straight for the middle…

Which meant it would be 4 days travel.

It was basically a jungle, and their were many tropical birds upon it, but not much more.

No Wild Cats, no, Gorillas…

Other than the birds, it truly felt abandoned.

After 4 days of incident free travel, we at last reached 4 large marble pillars, which surrounded a pool of water leading to a great waterfall.

“What now,” spoke Z.

“Perhaps the entrance is behind the waterfall… Cliche’ I know… But still possible,” spoke Kinner.

“He’s probably right,” added Stryke.

“My Animal Spirit definitely senses something from that waterfall,” she concluded.

“Alright… I’ll swim to it,” spoke Z.

As Z started towards the pool of water before him, Thalo put a hand on his shoulder, “Alone?”

Z began to feel a little hostile towards Thalo’s constant protectiveness, “Yes,” with this he removed Thalo’s hand, “Alone.”

Z then began swimming toward the waterfall.

Once he reached it, he swam behind it where there was a wall of rock, with two hand prints on it.

Stryke instinctively stepped forward, “I think he needs me,” she spoke.

Z placed both hands on the hand prints, but nothing happened.

He then placed just one hand on the left one, and a light blue light glowed around his hand…

…but he could not remove his hand.

Suddenly Stryke dived into the water, and made her way to him.

Once there, instinctively, Stryke placed one of her hands on the second hand print, and in a flash of light blue light, they were teleported upward, and beyond the top of the waterfall.

Before them was some sort of 70′ by 70′ circular arena, some 30′ below them.

On the other side of the Arena, across from them, on the left side, there was a Statue of a Female Tigron (Cat Person) holding a baby…

…on the right another Statue, this one of a Tigron Warrior.

And between them, there was what looked to be an actual Tigron Warrior frozen inside a 12′ by 12′ cube of ice, filled with light blue light.


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