Magic And Light (VIRIBUS: The Seekers Of Kai Lotay) – Chapter III

Magic And Light

by DarkJade

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(The Seekers Of Kai Lotay)

CHAPTER I – The Shade Isles – CHAPTER II – Eye On The Prize

CHAPTER III – Pantheros

As Z and Stryke stood on the one side of the small arena, they watched as the Ice which surrounded the Shade Isle Tigron Warrior melted…

“This is crazy,” spoke Stryke.

“Tell me about it…” replied Z.

Meanwhile I (Ren) and the others are waiting by the Pool and Waterfall.

“Do you think they went through?” asked Kinner.

“I’m going to find out,” I reply, then swim over to the waterfall.

I go through the stream of water, and see the wall with the hand prints on it, but no sign of Z or Stryke.

I make my way back, and tell them what I found.

“All we can do is wait… I guess,” replies Laris.

Back at the arena, the black furred Tigron Warrior is free.

He stands 5’8″ tall, and looks like a blend of a Black Panther and a Man.

His eyes are bright green, and he’s holding a Halberd, and on his back is a Longbow and Arrows.

He looks our way, then leaps down to the arena in a single bound.

Z looks at Stryke, then lowers his way down to the arena using a rope.

He now stands 50′ from the Tigron Warrior.

“Pantheros, I assume,” speaks Z.

Pantheros nods.

Suddenly Z starts running towards him, drawing, and shooting an arrow from his Short Bow, but Pantheros avoids it, and also moves at Z.

Pantheros too releases an arrow using his Longbow, but Z avoids it.

The two then reach the middle of the arena…

…Z draws his First Rapier, and strikes Pantheros in the stomach, taking him off guard…

Before Pantheros can react, Z sticks his second Rapier into his arm.

Pantheros then cocks his head back, growling, and goes into a RAGE.

He then swings his Halberd down at Z, but he avoids the blow…

Pantheros tries again, striking the ground instead.

Pantheros then leaps up into the air and tries to kick Z twice, hitting him in the arm once.

Z then strikes him with a Rapier, Pantheros skin has become harder to penetrate, but it still damages him a bit.

And again with his second Rapier.

Pantheros swings his Halberd twice more at Z, who tumbles out of the way.

Z comes up lashing Pantheros twice, once with each of his Rapiers.

Pantheros then runs 40′ back, and takes two shots with his Longbow, missing both times as Z avoids the arrows.

Z shoots his Short Bow, missing as well.

Pantheros tucks, rolls and comes up shooting two more arrows, hitting Z’s arm with one.

Z then shoots an arrow right into Pantheros chest.

Pantheros tears it out of his chest, then leaps unnaturally through the air, coming down at Z with his Halberd, missing…

Then tries to kick him twice, missing both times.

Z tries to strike him with his First Rapier, and misses, but hits him with the Second one.

Pantheros enraged, finally sweeps his Halberd upward striking Z in the side…

…then kicks him twice in the face, knocking him back.

Z retaliates with his Rapiers hitting him once.

Pantheros then strikes Z cleanly across the side, knocking him down, then tries to kick him twice on the ground, unsuccessfully.

Z weakening, stabs Pantheros in the leg with one Rapier, then loses his second by accident.

Pantheros’s RAGE ends, and he runs 40′ away again, and shoots Z in the chest as he stands up.

Stryke suddenly jumps down into the Arena, and stands before the staggering Z.

“No Strkye,” Z speaks as he steps out from behind him, barely avoiding Panthero’s second shot.

Z takes a shot with his Short Bow, striking Pantheros in the chest.

“DO NOT INTERFERE, OR HE LOSES,” proclaims Pantheros.

Stryke looks at Z, who gestures for her to step aside…

…which she does.

Pantheros then takes his first shot, hitting Z in the shoulder…

…followed by a second shot, which knocks Z unconscious.

Stryke runs to Z’s side as he bleeds terribly…

…She tries to stop the bleeding, but is unable…

She looks over at Pantheros who is putting away his bow, then throws Z over her shoulder, and moves back to where they Teleported in…

…suddenly Stryke and Z are teleported back under the Waterfall.

“Z’S UNCONSCIOUS!” Stryke yells as she exits the waterfall with him in her arms.

Laris tears off her Armour, then swims out to them…

…when she reaches them, she lays her hands upon Z, and they glow brightly green (LAY ON HANDS), causing some of Z’s wounds to heal, he awakes.

“Did I lose…” he mumbled, and Laris and Stryke just smile.

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