Magic And Light (VIRIBUS: The Seekers Of Kai Lotay) – Chapter IV


Magic And Light

by DarkJade

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(The Seekers Of Kai Lotay)

CHAPTER I – The Shade Isles – CHAPTER II – Eye On The Prize – CHAPTER III – Pantheros

CHAPTER IV – The Honorable Thief

When Z got his senses back, he recalled the battle which took place.

“I was doing well… Getting a lot of hits… But he was Raging, like a Barbarian, so many of my hits weren’t doing as much damage as normal,” explained Z.

“He was tough,” added Stryke.

As Z rested by the Pool by the Waterfall, Pantheros suddenly appeared from behind the waterfall…

…Glowing light blue, he walked atop the Pool of water carrying a black wooden case 3 Feet or so long.

When he arrived at the shore, several of us had our hands on our weapons.

“Stand,” he spoke to Z.

Z stood up.

“You have proven yourself worthy…” Pantheros spoke.

“But I lost…” replied Z.

Pantheros opens the black case, and reveals the SUNBLADE.

A glowing yellow sword.

Z looks at Pantheros, then closes the case, and takes the blade.

Pantheros then dissolves into a flash of light blue light.

Soon we were on the ship, but Z was extremely quiet…

…sometimes he’d remove the blade from the case, and just look at it.

I left him alone.

We headed to Dwarfport, as it was closer to Tru than Avador, where Adis was waiting for us.

Z gave it to her, and in exchange she gave him the second 1,500 Gold for retrieving it.

As we sat in the ‘Ye Old Tankard’ tavern in Dwarfport, where we had originally met Z, Z held a daggers point against the table, and would spin it.

“I’m going to steal back the blade…” he suddenly spoke.

The Party was shocked.

“Not exactly the best way to start, and or create a name for VIRIBRUS…” spoke Kayen.

“What is it Z,” I spoke.

He shook his head, “That creature I battled was a truly honorable being… And though Saya may be likable enough to have found, and convinced me to retrieve it for her, I can’t truly say that she desires it for any other reason than strength in battle,” he explained.

He looked up at me, “And what battle would that be… The battle for stealing purses from Tru inhabitants… No… Unless she had some hidden honorable reason for retrieving it, I don’t think it’s right that she have it.”

All of us just sat there for a moment…

…”Ahh,” proclaimed Stryke, who made her way to the bar.

“So you enter a Hobgoblin’s Lair for treasure and the pursuit of magical knowledge… Then return in the name of the honorable creature Lara X, to protect her… And now you want to, out of honor, take back the prize we retrieved for our first customer… Are you sure that you two are Adventures? Or Mercenaries for hire? You’re sounding more like Knights,” spoke Kayen to both Z and I.

“Whatever the case, I’m stealing back that blade, in disguise… If they determine it’s ‘Viribus’, well then, I’ll turn myself over to Saya,” speaks Z, who stands.

“I’m coming with you… A ‘Shadow Monk’ could be useful in such an endeavor,” spoke Thalo who also stood.

“Very well… But we can’t stay here in Dwarfport… Where should we meet?” I asked.

“In Jor…” replied Z.


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