Magic And Light (VIRIBUS: The Seekers Of Kai Lotay) – Chapter V


Magic And Light

by DarkJade

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(The Seekers Of Kai Lotay)

CHAPTER I – The Shade Isles – CHAPTER II – Eye On The Prize – CHAPTER III – Pantheros – CHAPTER IV – The Honorable Thief

CHAPTER V – Session 17

Session 16 ran a bit long, as we all parted and went our separate ways late into the night.

Some of our Mom’s were upset, some weren’t, after all, it was the first time any of our Dungeons And Dragons Sessions had ever gone that late.

A week later we came together for Session 17, where Lisa told us she wouldn’t be playing with us anymore.

She said she had too much homework, but Stacy made it known later that the real reason was that Lisa had got a Boyfriend, and wanted to spend her nights talking to him on the phone…

…teenage girls, what were you to do.

This worked well, as Stryke, her Barbarian Character, wasn’t really fitting in all that well with our Group, Lisa explained.

And this final decision by our Rogue Z to steal back the Sunblade from our First Client, would be the final blow.

“Lets begin, you don’t have to play tonight Lisa,” spoke Johnny…

…and so Lisa said her goodbyes, and left.

“I can no longer be part of Viribus,” spoke Stryke as she, Laris, Kinner, Kayen and myself sat in the ‘Ye Old Tankard’ Tavern in Dwarfport.

“I respect what you did for Lara X (The Silver Dragon Ren and a few of the others went back to Tru to stand up for), and what Z’s doing, they’re both Honorable Acts… But I am no Knight,” she concluded.

And so we parted ways with our Great Barbarian.

Meanwhile Z and Thalo were shocked when they caught up to Adis, and found she was camping alone… We thought for sure she’d hire some Mercenaries to escort her back to Tru, especially with the Sunblade on her person.

It all seemed to easy…

When she went to sleep, Z and Thalo STEALTHED into her camp, and captured the Black Case holding the Sunblade seemingly without waking her…

“Well played,” suddenly came the voice of Saya from the darkness.

She stepped out into the Firelight, and Adis, who wasn’t really sleeping, sat up.

Z pulled down his hood, and removed the Disguise he was wearing on his face.

“And the ‘Shadow Monk’ as well,” Saya spoke as she glanced at Thalo, who then pulled down his hood as well.

“I know why you’re here Z…” she spoke.

“Then you know I can’t let you keep the Blade…” Z replied.

“The Blade was never intended for me… It was intended for you…” she spoke.

Saya went on to tell Z, that she saw a bit of herself in him.

Before she had created The Underlay Thieve’s Guild of Tru, there was an Evil Thief called RADEN who ran a Thieves Guild/Assassin Ring called SUM RIGHT.

Killing people on the streets of Tru, Saya decided she would put an end to him…

But to do this, she first approached the Temple of the Light Monks in the City, and spoke to one of its Members about the situation.

He told her of The Sunblade, which would serve as a beacon of inspiration as she confronted Raden.

She seeked out her own Sunblade, and was able to retrieve it because of her worthiness, and worthy intentions.

She then took the blade, and with it, crushed Raden…

..and created, The Underlay.

Sure they were still Thieves, but they were not Assassins.

This was her contribution to the City she loved.

“How do I deserve this Blade… I’ve done no honorable act?” Z questioned.

“But you will… Though I admit, at first I wanted you at my side in the Underlay… I’ve come to determine that you’re meant for something else… What I do not know… But I meant what I said before about you being an ‘Honorable Thief’…” she explained.

“Take the Blade…” she added.

“Earn it,” she concluded.

“And that’s all… I wish you well,” she spoke as she began to walk away.

“Wait… I will come with you,” spoke Thalo to Z’s surprise.

“I will seek solace in the Temple of Light… I was an Assassin, and have chosen another path… But I have yet to find ‘light’… Perhaps I will find it there,” concluded Thalo.

Z looks at his friend… “Alright friend… But should you find it…”

“I will return to Viribus, and tell you,” replied Thalo.

“There’s one other thing Z,” spoke Saya as she turned back to face him, and drew her Sunblade from her side, “With your thoughts, you can make the Blade retract,” as she says this the glowing yellow blade disappears into the golden handle, “And come forth again,” and with this it came out again.

“You can also strengthen its’ glow,” with this the glow of the blade’s golden light doubles, “or dim it,” and with this she dims it way down low.

Z nods, and Saya, Adis and Thalo are off to Tru.

Z Returned to Dwarfport before our ship to Jor had even arrived to the Port, with the Sunblade at his side, I was shocked to hear about Thalo’s departure, as well as Saya’s intention for Z to have the Blade.

“One mission, and we lost two of Viribus’s Members…” I spoke as I drowned my sorrows in ale.

“I think we have yet to define Viribus…” spoke Laris profoundly, as she too drank ale.

“This is all your fault Laris… Traveling with a Paladin is rubbing off on Ren and I,” spoke Z jokingly, as they all laughed and drank the night away.

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