Chapter I: Ouroboros – Stories Of Vilven Ledsong

Doragon Kishu (Dragon Rider & Paladin)


I’ve Been Running A Dungeons & Dragons Campaign For The Last 11 Months… A Few Months Back, My Player Decided To Start Writing Our Tale… Enjoy

Vilven came from the sea. She came from the gentle, dreamlike movement of the water and the carefree dancing of the fish below. Though a simple and lonely life, the hypnotic sway that consumed her was peaceful, and she never expected or wanted any other kind of existence. For this was the life she knew.

Vilven and her father had a difficult relationship. He was a water elemental, and a powerful and influential one at that. He lived in a large palace made of water and seashells. The way of the water elemental was a unique one, seemingly both primitive and aristocratic at the same time, and her father was no exception to this rule. Most of the time Vilven avoided any kind of…

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