Chapter III: Choice And Notice

Doragon Kishu (Dragon Rider & Paladin)


Chapter III Of The Tale Of My Current Dungeons & Dragons Campaign Which Started 11 Months Ago… Written/Retold By My Player Who Plays The Character Of Vilven

Chapter I: Ouroboros

Chapter II: Pact Magic


Vilven woke in what seemed like a trance, her breath was very slow and very deep, her expanding lungs somehow comforting her. As she pushed her eyes open, her surroundings were unfamiliar. She was at the bottom of the water looking up at the surface, as she had done many times, but these waters were different than her home. Everything was different. The color, the energy, the feeling of the water, the fish, the lighting, all different. Yet, there was a calmness to her. It was as if she had been reborn. The troubles of her old life floating away, even her memory seemingly slipping. She wasn’t entirely sure what had happened between her…

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