Aftermath: Chapter III – The Path



Aftermath (A Superman Fan Fiction)

by DarkJade

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3 – The Path

The journey to Metropolis would be a long one…

And a lonely one.

After spending 10 years underground with other survivors, I’d become accustom to having people around me.

The sky was so black…

…I wondered if the sun ever showed itself.

As the night came, which wasn’t all that different from the day, I decided to make a fire, and settle in.

So far I hadn’t seen any other survivors along the way…

…I doubt many have survived.

But maybe.

Odd how I still feel like Superman, though I walked away from all of that some 13 years ago.

My father warned me in the images from the crystals at my fortress…

…but love lead my way.

And though it did not work out in the end…

…I do not regret my decision to remove my powers.

“Mind if I sit with yah?” suddenly came a voice from behind Clark.

He looked behind him to see an elderly colored man…

…seemed harmless enough…

…but in this climate.

“Sure, have a seat,” I replied.

The man sat, and brought out his own can of food.

“Beautiful night,” he spoke.

I looked up, but there was only darkness.

“I suppose so…” I reply.

The man looked me over, “You sure are a clean looking one… Haven’t been above surface long I’m guessing…”

I shook my head, “No.”

“Well… Watch yourself out here, it’s dangerous,” he spoke then laid down, rolled over, and went to sleep.

I spent a couple more hours awake, then grabbed some shuteye myself.


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