Chapter V: Catlike

Doragon Kishu (Dragon Rider & Paladin)


Chapter V Of My Campaign, Which Started 11 Months Ago, Written/Retold By My Player Who Plays The Character Vilven

Chapter I: Ouroboros

Chapter II: Pact Magic

Chapter III: Choice And Notice

Chapter IV: Meeting Wiendle


Vilven swam fluidly in the large lake, circling the magnificent castle in the center. Her introduction to Wiendle was still fresh in her mind, and though she was unsure if she was going to end up to be an ally in this situation, she knew she wanted to be. Wiendle appeared to be desperate for another life, consumed by innocence and pushed by longing. But Vilven was wiser than to leave the mysteries in Wiendle’s request to escape the castle, and her royal father, as mystery. She knew that there was much more to the story than she knew or was being told.

As a stranger in a new land, perhaps…

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