Aftermath: Chapter IV – Machines


Aftermath (A Superman Fan Fiction)

by DarkJade

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4 – Machines

When I woke, the old man had gone…


I gather my things, and moved on.

The weather was definitely strange…

Midday brought a warm, black rain.

My instincts told me it wasn’t nuclear…

…but strange none the less.

A few hours later, I came across some blackened trees, and some sort of  half melted factory…

Before I knew, I saw two… No, three Robots.

Military I think…

High end A.I…

…chances were that they weren’t under man’s control…

…but instead, their own.

Man of Steel I wasn’t…

…not anymore.

I took cover behind a large burned tree, and waited.

Darker and darker the night fell…

…what were they doing in there.

I decided to take a look… foolish.

I found a back window and peeked inside…

…they were building some sort of… land transport.

Something more than a tank.

Suddenly, a blue light eye caught view of me, and I ran…

Ran so hard… Ran as hard and fast as my now mortal legs could carry me.

“Don’t Look Back… Don’t Look Back”

I told myself.

But it didn’t matter…

Before I knew it, they were upon me…

…grounding my jaw into the ash, dirt, rock ground.

I tried my hardest to escape… to no avail.

“HUMAN… USELESS…” one of them spoke, then released me.

I sat up, my face hurting, and watched their shadowy images disappear back to where they had come from.

I grinded my teeth, and gave them a stare…

“Heat Vision no more…”

PICTURE CREDIT – Military Robot


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