Aftermath: Chapter VI – Beyond The Glasses

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Aftermath (A Superman Fan Fiction)

By DarkJade

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Episode VI – Beyond The Glasses

“Good morning,” I woke to the warm words of the older man as he knelt down and handed me a cup of coffee.

And for just one moment, I forgot that the world around us was ash and wreckage.

But for only that one moment, as the black rain was starting to fall once more as they packed up their camp.

One of the ladies, the friendlier one, was combing her son’s hair…

While the other watched me with suspicious eyes as she packed, sawed off shotgun never to far from her.

I smiled slightly at her, to no avail…

…if anything, it made her more suspicious.

“Good morning,” spoke the gentle voice of the little girl, who had somehow snuck up behind me.

Though she was 9 or 10, she was holding a ragged looking stuffed pink bear tightly.

The innocence in her eyes…

“Well hello there,” I spoke, as I stood, and rolled up the blankets they had afforded me.

“What’s their name?” I questioned about the bear, as I pinched one of its’ ears.

“Seymour…” she replied, as she gazed at me softly.

I knelt down next to her, “What about yours?”

“JENNY! Leave the nice man alone,” her mother called, dropping the comb she was using on her son in anxiety.

“Go on,” I spoke, and she walked away, grasping tightly onto her bear, and peering back at me with a bright smile.

Somehow this group had survived just fine on their own… And I would leave it that way, I moved on alone.

PICTURE CREDIT – Superman & Girl

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