Aftermath: Chapter VII – Zod


Aftermath (A Superman Fan Fiction)

By DarkJade

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Episode 2

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Episode 7 – Zod

The truth is, I don’t even know if Zod and his disciples are even on the planet anymore.

Zod… An enemy of my father’s.

Irony doesn’t quite cover it.

My father sent me here to have a life, as Krypton was destroyed by the red sun.

But my father’s life continued in the form of this enemy, who I did not know other than what the crystals at my fortress told me.


But I couldn’t spend the life that my father gave me, the second chance, looking over my shoulders for some remote possibility that he’d ever escape.

And even now, I do not regret the path I took.

As the inhabitants here are fond of saying, “I’m only human.”

Or so I’ve nearly become.

For in all honesty, humans, though they are flawed, have the greatest potential for love, and joy.

I yearned to feel that…

And I did with Lois, though not for as long as I had hoped.

But is that not also human.

Hopes and expectations, followed by adaptation.

Another dark day…

It felt like I was walking forever…

But in a matter of time, I would reach Metropolis.

And perhaps, find out some answers.

Is Lois alive?

Has Zod left the planet.

What precisely happened during those 10 years I was underground, beyond the obvious near destruction of our planet.

Time will tell.


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