Villains (Part I)

Doragon Kishu (Dragon Rider & Paladin)

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Whether in Film, Writing or Roleplaying Games…

I can not express the importance of good Villians.


My favorite Villain of all times, is DARTH VADER.

Could you imagine for a moment what those Original Star Wars Films would have been like without him…

I can not.

The same goes for LORD OF THE RINGS, such amazing Hero characters in those Stories… But without SAURUN, SARUMAN, the DARK RIDERS the list goes on and on.

My theory is this… A Story where there is a good guy, and a bad guy, can only be as good as the bad guy.

Because, who cares if some amazing Hero, defeats a lame bad guy.

And when I say ‘lame’ bad guy, I don’t mean a bad guy whose written to be lame on purpose, which can be hilarious.

But this is an RPG/Dungeons & Dragons Blog, so lets focus on that.

What inspired…

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