Art By Liam Sharp


by DarkJade

Chapter One

KRON’DARK sat upon his great, black Battle Steed, on a hill overlooking the Kingdom of PENDON.

Beyond its’ great walls which extended for miles around the City, lay death…

And the poor ones who served it.

He was tired… Hungry… And Bitter.

But he knew there were no other villages or towns for miles from here…

…so he made his way steadily down the path.

As he reached the bottom of the hill, and made his way by the many fields of grain, the workers looked at him with dread, and desperation.

Could this one man… This Barbarian be the one who would save us?

The dim, temporary light in their eyes, then went dark again, as their heads dropped, and they carried out their work.

Kron’Dark paid it no mind.

He’d seen it all before.

A people who surrender their free will for a great wall to protect them…

…for a bit of grain, and dead flesh.

Their souls were no longer their own…

…they simply waited the day of reckoning.

“Excuse me sir!” a voice suddenly came from the field to his left.

“Excuse me… But are you Kron-Dark? Have you come to free us?” the desperate young lads voice pleaded.

He must have been maybe 15.

Kron’Dark gave the boy a slow gaze, his dark black eyes exposing the depth of the things that he has known, seen, defeated…

…he then looked away, and rode on.

PICTURE ART – Another Conan


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