Captain America Vegan Diet (Day 1)

Time To Lose 30lbs


Captain America Vegan Diet – Day 1

Being Vegan doesn’t mean you’re Eating Healthy

But I’m at a point where I need/want to lose 30 pounds (I’m 6′, 210lb, shooting for 180)

Captain America is one of my Heroes (The Comic guy, not the Movies, read a lot of Captain America and The Avengers in the 80’s)

The reason I liked him was the same reason Bruce Lee is one of my Heroes, Captain America didn’t have Super Powers, his body was just at its’ maximum potential

Much like Bruce, much like Olympic Athletes

My goal, however, with this Diet I’m about to embark, isn’t to be a Super Athlete or Super Hero, it’s just about me getting into better health

And I thought I’d Update you all here

Like I say, being Vegan doesn’t mean you’re necessarily healthy (I’ve been a Vegan for 6 years), but I’m hoping to…

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